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Installing Savage Reverse Module

Discussion in 'HPI Savage' started by sxe7779, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. sxe7779

    sxe7779 RCNT Member

    Let me start by saying this is my first post on RCNT and hope my advise is useful to anyone willing to read it.

    My impression of the reverse module for the Hpi Savage isnt a pleasant one, I purchased the module off towerhobbies for 37.99 and when I received it I found out it wasn't worth the 40 dollars I spent on it, it is very poorly engineered very flimsy and half the time doesn't work correctly. Let me first point out that this is a VERY time consuming operation, you have to practically dismantle the entire to truck to gain access to the gear box to install the unit. secondly the instructions with it are near next to useless, they contain no guiding text, only pictures describing what you need to do. Next thing is that it doesn't come with a servo, so you have to purchase one of those on top of it as well. On the performance end of it, I notice that it seems to rob power from the truck, dont ask me how. everything seems to moving correctly, but it does seem to make the truck more sluggish and not as responsive. Lastly the part is made of very poor components the arm that controls whether the module is set to reverse or forward is flimsy and doesn't lock very well, and doesn't go into reverse or forward as easily as it should, you almost have to pick it up and help it out. All in all the concept is great and the benefits high, but its not worth the time effort and money to install this on your savage! Hey its only reverse, who needs it anyway!
  2. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    Now it sounds like a Maxx! lol

    Seriously, the reasons mentioned above are why I removed the reverse from the Maxx. I think anyone who went with a 'Forward Only Conversion' knows the performance gain seen. I guess Ill just stick with the FOC on the Savage now that I know it has the same impact.

    THANK YOU! for the review! :)

  3. junglboy_152000

    junglboy_152000 RCNT Basher

    :chinese: natrally u will lose alot of the low end performance with the reverse module. I think it is a good idea that hpi has made it an option to install the reverse module knowing that not everyone is an experienced driver and many people r new to this hobby. So having reverse on there truck will become very usefull and save alot of time. But like myself and many others who r experienced,r not going to invest in something u dont need, and as far as I'm concerned, alls it is is extra weight. The loss of performance is brought on by having to move the extra reverse gearing.
  4. j0olz

    j0olz RCNT Champion

    Thats what happens when you buy HPI. I have a savage also would dread reverse. It kills any nitro car. With hpi its kinda weird, some of their stuff is good, but other times it toally blows....
  5. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    My comparrison would be,

    On the Maxx its a pain in the ass taking reverse out to gain the performance and instant hookup off the line.

    On the Savage its a pain in the ass putting reverse in to gain the ability of sitting in a lawnchair and not having to get up for anything other than a rollover.

    Both processes are a pain in the ass. It sounds like however, the Savage is more costly and more a pain by a hair.

    I dont think any 'NITRO' RC vehicle should have reverse. Electrics on the other hand, well, they all MUST have reverse hehehehe....

    Can anyone tell I'm never going to say that the TMaxx rules the monster trucks again?!?!?!?!?! :cheers:

    I dont know if I would take a Thunderquake over a Savage either. Wait a minute, yes I do! NO WAY! Savage Savage Savage!


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