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Buggy Tires & Wheels

Discussion in 'RC Buggies' started by RobH, May 22, 2003.

  1. RobH

    RobH Gone - bye bye.

    The tires on my buggy are close to bauld. My LHS has mounted wheel and tire combinations for $30 a pair. I don't know what brand they are, but I can find out. What are the brands to stay away from? I know pro-line makes the tires and wheels of choice, but I those are out of my current budget. If these $30 wheels/tires are "OK" then I'm cool with that. If the LHS is trying to screw me over with tires that are going to wear out in two laps, maybe I should just save my 60 clams.

    What are the good brands and bad brands?

    Good Brands:


    Just OK Brands:


    Bad Brands:


    Also, pre-mounted wheel-tire combos? always a bad idea? or does it depend on what company glued them?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    Since I picked up the Knuckles by ProLine, its going to be hard to sell me on ANY other tire. This is the best all around tire and doesn't disappear after 3 tanks like others I have run. 15 or so tanks later and I havent even noticed any wear. To me, that is the most important thing about the tires.

    Premounted are usually better because they are done right and most of the time pretty well balanced. This is especially important for the on-road tires IMO.
  3. RobH

    RobH Gone - bye bye.

    I know you have connections at you LHS, but what does a normal guy like me pay for mounted ProLine 1/8 Buggy tires?
  4. big kal

    big kal RCNT Talkaholic

    You would pay about $30 a pair for Pro-Line knuckles mounted on a dish. Check E-Bay, I got a complete set of tires mounted for only $25.
  5. HumboldtBlazer

    HumboldtBlazer RCNT VIP

    Quality is everything to me I run Pro-Lines only. I am going to try a pair of Medial Pro's though its a GS brand of comp buggy tires.

    My Crime Fighters or Step pins have yet to wear out even when I broke my Sirio in on pavement and they have seen months of track time. I dont buy the "soft" compound though.
  6. Gmanlusk2004

    Gmanlusk2004 Gone - bye bye.

    i have mounted medial pro tires. They are called diamond, and they hook up well. They wear decent, but nothing like knuckles. It cost me 40 bux for 2 pair.

  7. SilentHunterKellen

    SilentHunterKellen Hardcore RCNT User

    I have no opinion but just a lil word of advice. Dont skimp on the tires. Tires are responsible for probably over 50% of your vehicles performance. Those Pro-Line Knuckles or the Pro-Line Mugshots look really good.
  8. RobH

    RobH Gone - bye bye.

    Cool. A $30 pair of pre-mounted tires should be pretty good quality then. I would just order online and make sure, but I want head to the track on Sat. No time for shipping.

    Thanks for the advice on "soft compound" humboldt. Cool new sig too man. Kellen yours looks good to.
  9. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    DONT buy the soft compund is what he was referring to. I had a pair of soft compound, Proline Pins and destroyed them in under 3 tanks. They may be good for a race on a track, but I dont have that kind of money to piss away. Knuckles, hardest compound they make them in, works GREAT for bashing etc..
  10. RobH

    RobH Gone - bye bye.

    humboldt said not to buy them too. ;)
  11. FlyinRazorback

    FlyinRazorback RCNT Addict

    See what the guys at your track are running and get something similar or the same. Proline does make a good tire and I like TRC tires also. The TRC Atomics seem to work at alot of tracks. If you are racing though DO get the soft compounds no matter which tire you get. You will get more traction with a soft tire but you will lose some wear. Hard compounds are fine for bashing. Also check out Panther tires. The Chameleons and Step Pins are good Panther tires also. But the main thing is to see what the fast guys at your track are running and go with that.
  12. I have 2 different sets of proline tires. Street and heavy duity treads... They dont ware down too much but if when I go crazy and just keep it full throtle doing burnouts and wild things they seem to loose a little rubber..

    For wheels I have ofna. There good but nothing special..
  13. RobH

    RobH Gone - bye bye.

    I purchase 4 Pro-Line Knuckles premounted on dishes. For $30 a pair, I didn't think it was a bad deal at all. :D

    thanks for the info guys.
  14. SpeedChair

    SpeedChair RCNT Member

    What's the difference between the XTR and M2 compound by Proline? I want something that's in the middle, long lasting but also some decent tractions. Any suggestions?
  15. RobH

    RobH Gone - bye bye.

    hi speedchair, welcome to RCNT.

    The M2 compound is the "soft compoud" for racing. XTR is the hard compoud that lasts longer. some hardcore racers swear by the soft compound M2 tires and claim they hook up really well.

    if you're looking to bash, i'd go with the Knuckles in the XTR compound. it's now four months since this thread and my XTR knuckles are barely showing signs of wear.

    now, before you get too excited. if you're looking to race, I highly recommend that you check out your track surface before you purchase a set of $60 tires. Your best source of information about what tires work best on your track is to ask someone that races on that track.

    our track is a sort of loose-dirt (riverbed clay) type thing. my knuckles tend to load up with dirt and loose some hookup. i regret not listening to the LHS owner when he said "I run these".

    good luck,
  16. RiceLaxer06

    RiceLaxer06 RCNT Champion

    i have the stock storm rtr tires. i dunno wat they are. But one thing I've learned the hard way is that doing tons of donuts and other skids on roads are tons of fun, but they do hell to an off road tire. mine are stripped almost completely. I'm gonna get some proline knuckles and some street tires, any ideas?

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