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RC10GT Plus RTR (Just a couple questions)

Discussion in 'Stadium Trucks' started by AoD, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. AoD

    AoD RCNT Talkaholic

    Ok first, I'd like to say hello to all. I've had my RC for a little over a month. I've already learned the wrecking stages. Already went through a handful of parts and about 1.5 gallons of fuel.

    First question is this. At the local shop the seller has a Hot Bodies .18 motor that will fit into most ".12 and .15 mounting spots". Will it fit into my RC10? I don't have any mods done yet except for the RPM replacement A-Arms for the front, since I trashed the right one last night. I want a little bigger engine for some bigger tires. And possibly some other things.

    Now he says that the HB motors are "iffy" and the chance of getting a good one is about 50/50. Is this true? And if so, is there any other types of motors I could bolt into my RC10 without doing any serious chassis moding? (more than .15 if possible)

    And, as for replacement parts, on to my next question. What parts should I replace on my RTR, for "quality" reasons. I learned about my A-Arms the hard way and saved more on buying the RPM replacements instead of the stock replacements. What else is there that I should replace before I trash. I already am going to buy a set of RPM replacement rear A-Arms. Blue as a matter of fact. I got new ball cups for my steering and camber assembly, RPM heavy duty of course. What else should I look forward to replacing?

    And just a couple more miscellanous questions.

    Is there a cool dunebuggy-ish body for the RTR?

    Can I get a 125cc or something close fuel tank for my RC10 without chassis modifications?

    Is there any other system of connecting things such as A-Arms to the mounts other than the pins and E-clips? (Something that can take more abuse than e-clips)

    I think that about does it. Heh, sorry for the long list. Just been wondering and couldn't get an answer. :)
  2. Nat'sRC

    Nat'sRC RC Newbie

    Honestly, the hard way is probably the best way. The RC10GT will handle alot box stock. Personally, I let stuff wear out and threplace with something that won't!

    Also, I would get to a point where breaking stuff is not an issue much and then ask around about really fast motors. Size and hp numbers can be deceiving. A hint: any rear exhaust, slide carb motor is going to be much more powerful, but both things require some thinking about how you will stuff them in your truck.
  3. AoD

    AoD RCNT Talkaholic

    That's what I wanted to know. About the motors that is. That HB motor looks nice, and the thing is with a trade-in it's only gonna cost about 70 bucks total. As for the rest... What I really need is a bigger gas tank :D
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