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Loose screws

Discussion in 'Large Scale RC' started by melthrottlejunky, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. melthrottlejunky

    melthrottlejunky RC Newbie

    All you guys out there buying the HPI Baja 5T make sure you inspect the exaust pipe bolts. I bought two brand-new 5T's and both had loose pipe bolts. I was racing a friend over the weekend and one of his pipe bolts came completely out!!!. That sucked..
  2. Dave63

    Dave63 Guest

    I guess 6 year old Chinese girls aren't as strong as they used to be.............:D

    Threadlock is your friend.
  3. Timmahh

    Timmahh RCNT Addict

    the exhaust bolts are always a problem on any of hte pipes. GBE pipes use a stud instead of a bolt and it seems to be the BEST exhaust bolt option.

    you ll likly find the locktite wont work, as the header temps can be 1200*f plus and even the red breaks down. one of the best options iv seen using bolts is to put a bit of High Temp Red RTV on the bolt threads and around your exhaust and gasket, tighten the bolts and let it set 24hrs for the RTV to dry. this seems to help ALOT as the RTV when hot doesn't melt away like the blue and even red locktight will.
  4. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member

    RTV silicone is what i use on both my 5T and 5B for the gasket and screws.

    I also check the bolts after each run.
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