Gear Head Trail Torch DC-1 LED Light Bar

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torch light installed

Gear Head has a new LED light bar that features 9 white and 4 amber ultra-bright LEDs in a low profile CNC machined black Delrin housing.

The Trail Torch DC-1 LED light bar has been designed to run on 4.5 or 6 volts and can easily connect to an available AUX/BAT port on your receiver or an external 3 or 4 (AA or AAA) battery holder with the included 12" servo lead.

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RPM Mega Bearing Blaster, for 1/5th scale RC and skateboards

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RPM mega bearing blaster 70420

RPM has super-sized one of R/C's incredibly useful tool, the RPM Bearing Blaster. The new Mega Bearing Blaster has been designed to fit bearing sizes found in large 1/5th scale RC's as well as skateboards and rollerblades - up to 1.25" (32mm in diameter)! Now you can extend the life of your bearings using the bearing blaster to thoroughly clean and lubricate the bearings.

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ECX upgrades the Ruckus, Torment and Circuit to 4 wheel drive

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ECX 4x4 chassis

ECX upgraded their Ruckus, Torment, and Circuit RC's from 2wheel drive to now 4 wheel drive versions. Along with the 4WD upgrade the new 4WD Ruckus, Torment, and Circuit come with a Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system, Li-Po ready ESC and waterproof electronics. All three are powered by a 15 turn Dynamite brushed motor and includes a 7 cell Ni-MH battery pack.

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Spektrum DX4C, AVC technology for nearly any RC

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Spektrum DX4C radio

The Spektrum DX4C transmitter and SR4210 receiver combo brings you a 2.4GHz radio with the all new DSMR equipped SRS4210 receiver with patent-pending AVC (Active Vehicle Control). The Spektrum DX4C is a 4 channel radio to operate throttle, steering, and AVC technology separately. The first two channels operate steering and throttle while the second two manage AVC steering and throttle augmentation. By having two channels dedicated to managing AVC technology, users can adjust the steering and throttle elements independently of the other for more refined tuning to meet demands of any surface.

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Associated’s Stealth Transmission Kit for the RC10 Classic

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Associated RC10 Classic stealth transmission

The legendary Stealth 3 gear transmission is back and as a kit to add performance to your RC10 Classic buggy. The new Stealth Transmission kit offers higher performance and better durability than ever before with the addition of the Factory Team V2 slipper clutch. Also included with the Stealth Transmission is a super smooth adjustable ball differential that helps manage the power in the corners.

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Losi LST XXL-2 Gas Powered Monster Truck

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Losi LST XXL-2 Monster Truck

HPI has teased us for some time with a Gas powered monster truck with their HPI Savage Octane, but now Team Losi has just unvailed their new Gas powered monster truck - the Losi LST XXL-2!

Losi has taken their extremely popular LST monster truck platform and added a .31 cubic inch gas engine, Losi's Active Vehicle Control (AVC) driving system, waterproof electronics, Spektrum DX2E DSMR 2.4GHz radio system and many other improvements.

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