MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive kit for the Axial Yeti

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MIP X-Duty C-Drive kit for Axial Yeti, 14390

Axial has given bashers and racers alike an RC they can get excited about with the Axial Yeti, but the Yeti comes with a plastic rear driveshaft. MIP knew they could easily improve upon this design and yet the Yeti X-Duty C-Drive was created! The Yeti X-Duty C-Drive kit is made from heat treated alloy steel, using MIP's popular spline drive technology. Made in the USA!

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Axial Yeti XL Buggy

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Axial Yeti XL action shot

Axial is looking to create a new RC category with their new Axial Yeti XL monster buggy. The Axial Yeti XL is nearly as large as a HPI Baja 5B that is powered by a huge Castle Creations 2200KB 4 poll brushless motor. The Yeti XL is the first solid rear axle with independent front suspension chassis in it's class. The 22mm aluminum shock bodies house big bore 16mm pistons on 4mm shock shafts keep the Yeti XL grounded.

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Replay XD Prime X Camera

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replay xd prime x camera

The new Replay XD Prime X camera has been completely re-imagined with not only it's low profile, more than double the battery life (1700mAh battery, providing 3.5 hours on a single charge), along with it's waterproof design up to 10 feet, but the Replay XD Prime X features a 145° wide angle T2.8 lens and cinema grade anti-glare coating. Record in 1080p up to 60 frame per second!

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RPM Offset-Compensating Front A-arms for Traxxas Slash

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traxxas slash green 70554

The new RPM offset-compensating front a-arms for the Traxxas Slash and Traxxas Nitro Slash not only add about 3mm width to each side of the truck and adds a bit of stability, but the new RPM offset compensating a-arms also allow you to easily mount your favorite tires on rear offset Traxxas or RPM wheels without ever having to worry about different offsets again.

By lengthening the front a-arms RPM has taken the guess work out of which offsets to run and taken out worrying whether or not the wheel / tire has a front or rear offset.

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