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Throttle servos!

Discussion in 'Traxxas Revo' started by LowRidinChevy4, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. LowRidinChevy4

    LowRidinChevy4 RCNT Member

    I have the latest Revo 3.3, and I love this thing! The only problem I have had with this thing is keeping a throttle servo on it. I was thinking of puting a traxxas 2075 waterproof one on there for about 45 dollars, but was just wondering if you guys know of a better one for about the same amount of money or just get with the traxxas 2075. The first throttle servo that was on there was a traxxas 2055,it went out and I stole the steering servo off my t-maxx a jr Z590r and it went out i stole the last servo i have off my gs racing buggy and thats what i'am riding on. so any suggestions will help!

    oh and another thing how long dose the trx 3.3 usually last before rebuild and should I replace the connecting rod? I have ran 2 1/4 gallons threw it and are having no problems! Blue Thunder love the stuff!

    oh one more thing I got the spring header for my revo 3.3 and it gets in the way of the pull starter, so if you have a revo with bump start the traxxas spring header will work just fine.
  2. GusMax86

    GusMax86 RCNT Racer

    I got 4 1/2 gallons through my 3.3 before it lost compression... Yea I didn't belive in ARO but I have seen the light seince then. As long as you take care of it, and broke it in right you should see anywhere from 6-8 gallons. As for the rod you deffinatly should change it with the rebuild you can get sleeve, piston, g clip, rod, and the pin for like 45 bucks on ebay
  3. rckid91

    rckid91 Hardcore RCNT User

    i have a jr. 650m in mine and its been working great i payed 65 bucks at the lhs but its probably cheaper online
  4. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos RCNT Addict

    I burned up the stock Platinum throttle servo and last week the guy winning the A MAin burned up his too(good because I won then).I have been running JR9100S and never had a problem since.If I do it has a 3 year warranty.

    I think using a radio that you can set the end points helps but I still burned up mine.

    Yes the spring header works great,no more broken headers since.I would run 2 springs if you are racing though because they will break occasionaly.Yes it works with the bump start.All my Revo's are now bump start and its great.
  5. GrudgE

    GrudgE RCNT Addict

    I am just curious how the spring header gets in the way. I had the stock spring header and now the one with trinity pipe, and haven't had any issue with it being in the way of the pull start.
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