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t-maxx electric conversion?

Discussion in 'Traxxas T-Maxx' started by warrior550, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. warrior550

    warrior550 RCNT Member

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it is possible to remove the motor and gas tank and put electric motors in the t-maxx. I haven't had the chance to look at a E-maxx to see how they are setup. Does it use the same tranny? I thought it would be cool to switch the truck back and forth from nitro to electric so I can enjoy both worlds. Any input on this idea?
  2. SkyMaxx

    SkyMaxx RCNT VIP Supporter Active Military

    Not as easy as you might think. You may want to go down to your LHS and take a look at an E-Maxx. If your LHS is anything like mine, they probably have one or two on display.

    I am not saying it isn't doable, but it is not as easy as swapping out a couple of bits and going. This would be a swap the parts over a day and run the next day kind of transformation. In time, you might be able to knock that down to swapping in a few hours...but it is not a plug and play idea.

    You could buy an E-Maxx chassis plate and build up the center section of the E-Maxx (all the parts that ride the chassis...batteries, tranny, motors, servos, etc.) and have that standing by. The E-Maxx and T-maxx share diffs, suspension, etc (basically the front and rear assemblies), so you would be able to just remove the front and rear of the truck and switch chassis pretty quickly. That would cost you some, but it is an option...and it would cut down on the change over time.
  3. warrior550

    warrior550 RCNT Member

    Thanks for the ideas. I was just thinking about getting an electric truck also. I want to get a Twin Force, but was thinking about how to swap my T back and forth to save some dough.
  4. SkyMaxx

    SkyMaxx RCNT VIP Supporter Active Military

    It might be cheaper, in the long run, to just buy a second truck. If you get a radio that has mutiple model capabilities, you would then only need to switch one off and the other on. You could control them both from the same radio.
  5. FastEddy

    FastEddy The Slowest Guy In Town

    How far do you want to go with it?
    Believe it or not, electrics can be more expensive than nitro.

    If you want to keep a stock Elec. Maxx get a roller on E-bay and swap the needed parts from your nitro. If your going to hop up the motors, esc, you will be better off getting an E-Maxx chassis and go from there.

    I know I will catch heat from some users here but the E-Maxx will out preform the T-Maxx all day long provided you have enough batteries to go around.
  6. SkyMaxx

    SkyMaxx RCNT VIP Supporter Active Military

    Eddy, I think he is talking more along the line of a hot-swap set up. One day run nitro the next electric or however he sees fit.

    As for your points for a permanent conversion or other style, yup. I concur. Now, if they could only give it a noisier engine so that it sounds like a nitro.
  7. warrior550

    warrior550 RCNT Member

    I just want to go back and forth as I get bored with one motor choice. I really like the T-maxx and the way it jumps and handles, but I don't want to buy a new E-maxx.
  8. gettinintoit

    gettinintoit RCNT Basher

    why would you want to do this? There is no substitute for a nitro truck, unless you do indoor street track racing. JMO
  9. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    How dare you speak of putting an electric moter on a t-maxx :nope: You all should be ashamed.

    Sorry, I don't have any real input. I had electric radio shack once when I was a kid and now that I'm into nitro, I'll never use electric again.
  10. Dezlemke

    Dezlemke RC Newbie

    I'm sorry for waking the dead

    But seeing as I'm doing a tmaxx electric conversion I could resist
    There's a company that makes motor mounts that bolt through existing holes in the chassis
    And I'm unaware if I'm aloud to mention the company name on this forum. But just google Tmaxx conversion to brushless power. Should be easy to find then.

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  11. hulkmaxx

    hulkmaxx Wanna know my secrect. I'm always ANGRY! Supporter

    There def is no replacement for the nitro engine in my opinion. They do make some diff kinds of electric conversion for the tmaxx all sold on ebay. I had an Emaxx once it was ok but no where as nuch fun as that nitro sound. Brushless is nice if you want to invest a crap ton of money in lipos.:D
  12. tmaxxfreek

    tmaxxfreek Hardcore RCNT User Supporter Firefighter

    When you think about it and figure it up, its cheaper in the long run to buy lipo's rather than fuel, If you buy budget lipo batteries one battery=1 gallon of fuel and one battery will last alot longer than a gallon of fuel. I have been on both sides of the fence Nitro and Electric, electric is more expensive to start up but cheaper in the long run.
  13. hulkmaxx

    hulkmaxx Wanna know my secrect. I'm always ANGRY! Supporter

    Electric trucks have there good and bad points. Same goes for nitro. Nothing in this hobby is cheap. I just prefer the nitro. electric just is sorta boring to me. I am a gear head though. nothing replaces that sound. don't care if electric out performs nitro or not. But everyone has there own preference. if i get another electric truck it will be a scale crawler. And if nitro fades out, I hate to say it but the hobby will be no longer for me.

    High Speed Low Drag:whhooo:
  14. broken_civic

    broken_civic RCNT Talkaholic

    Search craigslist and find a used e-maxx. I see them ready to run here cheaper than rollers on ebay. 125/150 bucks is pretty cheap. It would cost you prob. 50-100 bucks to convert it to electric

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