RPM Offset-Compensating Front A-arms for Traxxas Slash

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traxxas slash green 70554

The new RPM offset-compensating front a-arms for the Traxxas Slash and Traxxas Nitro Slash not only add about 3mm width to each side of the truck and adds a bit of stability, but the new RPM offset compensating a-arms also allow you to easily mount your favorite tires on rear offset Traxxas or RPM wheels without ever having to worry about different offsets again.

By lengthening the front a-arms RPM has taken the guess work out of which offsets to run and taken out worrying whether or not the wheel / tire has a front or rear offset.

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Slash 4×4 Caster Blocks from RPM

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Slash 4x4 Caster Blocks from RPM RC Products

RPM has added to their already long list of durable parts for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 and Traxxas Stampede 4×4 trucks with their new Caster and Spindle blocks. RPM used a lower-case “H” structure for their core design when designing the caster blocks which provides extreme rigidity to keep camber and caster setting locked in place while running normally.

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Proline pre-painted Flo-Tek Ford Raptor body

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Proline Pre-Painted Flo-Tek Body Blue

Now you can get a pre-painted Ford F-150 Raptor body from Proline Racing for your short course R/C truck. The Proline Flo-Tek Ford Raptor body comes hand pre-Painted and Partially Trimmed/Stickered Short Course body to get you to the track faster than ever before!

This body features ultra-low, sleek body lines and distinctive Ford® details blended with Flo-Tek technology that will make your short course truck look good going around the track!

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Slash 4×4 low center of gravity conversion kit

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Slash 4X4 Low-CG Conversion Kit

Traxxas has finally released their own version of the Slash 4×4 Low-CG (center of gravity) chassis. The Low Center-of-Gravity chassis is now available as a complete conversion kit for the Slash 4X4. The Low-CG Conversion Kit lowers the chassis, battery, and electronic components one inch lower to bring all the advantages of a low center of gravity to the award-winning 4WD short-course truck.

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RPM Shock Shaft Guards

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RPM Traxxas shock guards

Rocks, dirt, and other debris striking shock shafts all lend to dent, dings, and burrs which in turn leads to torn and worn shock seals. Torn shock seals means leaky shocks and poor shock performance. RPM Shock Shaft Guards shield the shock shaft from those deteriorating elements, prolonging the life of your shock shaft, which improves the long-term performance of the suspension as well as prolongs the time between shock rebuilds!

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