Proline Scale K-Rail made from concrete

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concrete k-rail from Pro-line racing, painted

Now this is cool, really cool! Pro-Line Racing has released their True Scale concrete 1/10th K-Rail. The Proline K-Rail is something that could easily be used for ANY scale R/C event for obstacles to climb, to race borders, easily used for on-road or off-road use plus they just look cool as heck. In addition the Proline K-Rails can be easily paint-able so you can easily add your own art or graffiti!

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PROTOform Chevy Camaro ZL1 Body

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protoform camaro body front

Camaro fans rejoice, PROTOform has released an off officially-licensed rendition of the Chevy Camaro Z/28 for 190mm RC touring cars. The PROTOform Chevy Camaro ZL1 body features enlarged front splitter, flow-tie grill emblem, and integrated decklid spoiler to improve the aerodynamics and aesthetic style!

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HPI Baja 5R 1/5th Scale On-Road

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hpi baja 5R on-road 3167

At the Nürnberg Toy Fair HPI has released news of their latest 1/5th scale car. The HPI Baja 5R 1/5th scale on-road car. Based off the ever popular HPI Baja platform the HPI Baja 5R is equipped with a lowered suspension, 5mm thick aluminum chassis, vintage 8-spoke wheels and Tarmac Buster tires and topped off with a 1970 Ford Boss Mustang body!

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MCD Racing XS-5 large scale super car

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MCD Racing XS-5

A new rc large scale super car is coming… the MCD Racing XS-5 Super Sports Car! The MCD XS-5 is based on the proven MCD 4 wheel drive 5 series chassis. The MCD XS-5 1/5th scale car will be available in both a Factory Team and Competition versions and will feature high performance accessories like a rear diffuser, rear and side wings, along with super grip low profile tires.

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Traxxas XO-1 2014 Edition

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Traxxas XO-1 2014

Traxxas has “updated” their speed demon car, the XO-1 to a 2014 Edition. The Traxxas XO-1 2014 edition appears to be the exact same car you already know of. Castle Creations Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control, Traxxas Big Block 1650Kv Brushless Motor, TQi 2.4GHz Radio System, Revo-Spec Differentials, Speed-Rated Belted Tires, and of course the 100+ MPH speed claim (if using the Apple Traxxas Link App and 5000mah lipo battery packs). It seems the 2014 Edition of the Traxxas XO-1 comes with a new painted body and Traxxas as removed the two power cell 5,000mAh batteries they once included in the “old” model (part #: 6407). On Tower Hobbies, the new 2014 XO-1 also costs $10.00 more.

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Associated RC10TC6.2 Factory Team Kit

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Associated RC10TC6.2 Factory Team Kit

Team Associated just announced their latest version of their ever popular TC6 touring car platform, the TC6.2 Factory Team. As expected the Associated TC6.2 Factory Team has a number of improvements and fixes making it even better than the previous version such as the upgraded bulkhead, chassis configuration and top plate that allow flex to be optimized by disconnecting the drivetrain bulkheads and suspension mounting systems. The RC10TC6.2 is only 88mm wide and 2.25mm thick, and the carbon fiber chassis remains very narrow, resulting in reduced drag during the hardest cornering.

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XRAY T4 2014 Touring Car

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xray t4 chassis

XRAY taken their T4 electric touring car and have further updated it to the XRAY T4 2014 touring car. The newly updated T4 includes updated suspension mounts that are now fixed onto the chassis rather than being a part of the bulkhead assembly. Included with the XRAY T4 2014 kit come FR single and RF two-piece blocks with additional split or one-piece blocks being available as option parts in order to fine-tune steering and grip characteristics. Either way the caster, toe, kick-up and track width settings are now adjustable using plastic inserts for the aluminium suspension blocks. Another new feature on the 2014 car are the Suspension Flex Adjustment (SFA) arms whose flex characteristics are adjustable using optional carbon fiber plates – a feature typically known to 1/8th off-road buggies.

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