HPI Baja 5R 1/5th Scale On-Road

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hpi baja 5R on-road 3167

At the Nürnberg Toy Fair HPI has released news of their latest 1/5th scale car. The HPI Baja 5R 1/5th scale on-road car. Based off the ever popular HPI Baja platform the HPI Baja 5R is equipped with a lowered suspension, 5mm thick aluminum chassis, vintage 8-spoke wheels and Tarmac Buster tires and topped off with a 1970 Ford Boss Mustang body!

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MCD Racing XS-5 large scale super car

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MCD Racing XS-5

A new rc large scale super car is coming… the MCD Racing XS-5 Super Sports Car! The MCD XS-5 is based on the proven MCD 4 wheel drive 5 series chassis. The MCD XS-5 1/5th scale car will be available in both a Factory Team and Competition versions and will feature high performance accessories like a rear diffuser, rear and side wings, along with super grip low profile tires.

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Losi 5IVE-T Roller

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Losi 5ive-T Roller

Losi just released the good news that they will be shipping out a pre-built roller of their 1/5th scale Losi 5ive-T large scale truck! Nearly everything is complete on the truck minus the need for your choice of engine, pipe, electronics, and paint.

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HPI Baja 5B Flux RTR

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HPI Baja 5b flux RTR

HPI has taken this extremely popular HPI Baja 5B model and turned it into a brushless RTR with their new HPI Baja 5B FLUX RTR large scale buggy!

The new HPI Baja 5B Flux boats can reach speeds of 60MPH on 8s lipo batteries using a Castle Creations Mamba XL2 ESC and NEU-Castle 2028-780Kv Motor. With this power system there is nearly an unbelievable – 10hp available right at your fingertips.

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HPI Super 5SC Flux RTR

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HPI Baja 5SC Flux info

If you didn’t already have enough RC’s on your wish list, well here’s another one – the HPI Baja Super 5SC Flux 1/5th scale RTR large scale RC!

The Super 5SC Flux RTR 1/5th scale RC is built using the same super flexible Savage drivetrain that have allowed the monster trucks to reach legendary levels of durability and performance! Because of this extreme toughness, HPI designers have Super-sized the Savage to 1/5th scale, taking the Savage to a new dimension!

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