HPI Savage X SS K5.9

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hpi savagexx ss k5.9

The Savage X SS is now available with the huge K5.9 engine! The powerful Nitro Star K5.9 engine comes from the HPI Savage XL truck where it has proven to deliver massive power, bolting the K5.9 into a smaller and lighter truck, HPI Savage X SS, means it will have an even higher horsepower-to-weight ratio!

The KAn anodized billet aluminum head keeps it cool during extreme off-road driving, and standard features include true ABC construction using a long-life chromed sleeve, a composite carburetor for high performance and improved high temperature tuning, and a pullstarter for easy starting. The engine is mated to a high performance polished tuned pipe and high flow tube header to help maximize power output.

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Savage HD Drive Gear

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HPI has released a new HD Drive Gear for the HPI Savage trucks as a high performance replacement over the stock drive gear (#86097). The new HPI HD Drive Gear is machine cut steel providing extra durability. The HD Drive Gear will fit the Savage X4.6 RTR, Savage X SS and older Savages with the 2 speed transmission, the HD Drive Gear will not work with 3 speed transmissions.

Part #: 102514 – Savage HD Drive Gear
MSRP: $20.00

Discuss the new HPI Savage HD Gear Drive in our HPI Savage forum.

Savage big bore sport shocks

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HPI has just released a preassembled Big Bore Shock set made for the HPI Savage trucks. The HPI Savage big bore shocks allows the HPI Savage to handle better, reduces maintenance time, and just looks freaking awesome!

The HPI Savage big bore shocks are lighter, stronger, and perform much more smoother then the stock HPI Savage shocks.

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Proline VW Beetle Baja

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Officially licensed by Volkswagen, the new Proline VW Baja body features the classic VW bug styling with Baja flair! The Proline VW Beetle Baja body fits the HPI Savage, Traxxas Revo, and Traxxas T-Maxx. It also features a simulated rear engine just like the stock full size VW Beetle bug.

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HPI Savage Flux RTR

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HPI Savage Flux

HPI has taken their ever popular Savage to another level, brushless! The HPI Savage Flux HP uses the proven HPI Savage X chassis as it’s base. The big block nitro engine has been replaced with a Flux Tork 2,200Kv brushless motor and a powerful Flux Blur ESC in place of the fuel tank. Twin battery boxes to hold 6 to 8 cell battery packs or even dual LiPo batteries!

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