Associated RC10T 4.1

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Associated RC10T 4.1 Brushless

Based on the 7-time National Champion RC10T4, the brushless RC10T4.1 is a fully assembled truck that features many of the components from the RC10T4 Team kit, while incorporating a totally new 2.4 GHz XP3-SS 3-Channel radio system and SHV1504 MG metal gear steering servo. Power is supplied by a Reedy 3300kV brushless motor while the XP SC450-BL electronic speed control with LiPo cutoff provides smooth throttle control. A sealed gear differential improves reliability and allows fine tuning for different track conditions.

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Novak Build a Ballistic

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Team Novak now offers the opportunity for you customize your own Ballistic motor with Novak’s new Build-A-Ballistic program. Because of the Novak Ballistic Brushless Motor’s ingenious rebuildable design, drivers can choose among dozens of options to create their very own personalized Ballistic Brushless Motor!

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RC4WD Fracture V8 Engine

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rc4wd v8 engine

Doesn’t matter if you’re into Scale R/C or not, the new RC4WD Fracture V8 engine is just plan cool! This is the worlds first scale V8 engine that fits a 540 motor inside. Imagine opening the hood of your scale truck to show your buddies what is powering your truck, then they find you have a real motor under the hood. The RC4WD Fracture V8 Engine houses an electric 540 sized motor. It sends power from the motor thru to the lower transfer case. Then you can hook up either 2 wheels or 4 wheels!

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Outerwears Electric Pre-Filter

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Want more protection for your Traxxas Summit motor? Then check out the Outerwears Electric Pre-Filter is available for the Traxxas Summit and other big size electric motors.

Maximize the amount of airflow while deflecting sand, dirt, and water using Terra-Flo technology standards designed by Outerwears. You can now save time cleaning and money replacing your Electric R/C Motors by using an Outerwears Pre-Filter. With an elastic fixture and a zip tie closure around the wires, you can stop devastating dirt and debris from entering and destroying your brushed and brushless motors.

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