Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2 Brushless Motors

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reedy sonic 540 brushless motors

Reedy’s return to the competition motor scene with the Sonic 540 was hugely successful on the track and showroom floor. Countless race wins at both the international and club level have proven the motor to be both powerful and reliable. Now, thanks to racing team and customer input, Reedy is proud to introduce the Sonic 540 Mach 2.

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Savox Outrunner Brushless Motors

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Savox Outrunner Brushless Motors

Savox Servos, the fastest growing servo brand in the USA, is excited to announce the arrival of the new Brushless Outrunner Motor product line.

Savox Brushless Outrunner Motors feature a unique cooling system designed to increase air flow and reduce running temperatures. The patented design includes machined aluminum housing, six angled ports and an internal cooling fan. The result is a 10% drop in temperature during use over other leading brands.

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LRP SPX Zero brushless speed controller

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LRP SPX brushless ESC

The new LRP SPX Zero brushless ESC offers an easy to use solution and packages the latest brushless technology with “normal” speed and easy operation.

The Boost Zero Mode restricts the power to set limits while still allowing the motor to run very efficiently. Every racer will be able to match the optimal speed control setting to the track according to their driving ability – just start at zero timing and move up.

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