Schumacher Mi4CX

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Schumacher Mi4CX

The NEW Schumacher Mi4CX is the ultimate high performance electric touring car. With an efficient transmission and ultra precise CNC machined components, the Schumacher Mi4CX handles like a dream. The superb suspension and pro shocks enable the Schumacher Mi4CX to carry fantastic speed through the corners, helping you to reduce your lap times. The Mi4CX is a pleasure to work on with a range of easy adjustments and option parts. If you are serious about winning, it’s time to get serious with the Schumacher Mi4CX.

Schumacher Mi4CX chassis

Schumacher Mi4CX Features

  • New – Ultra lightweight front spool with plastic ‘sliders’. Improved durability.
  • New – Dedicated front & rear, reverse cup, high tensile steel, CVD driveshafts. Improves all round traction. Incorporating larger pins and joints, improves strength and durability.
  • New – Differential and spool plastic inserts “sliders”. Offer a lightweight, efficient driveshaft interface.
  • New – Ultra lightweight Black 7075-T6 transmission housings.
  • New – Ultra lightweight eccentrics and differential posts.
  • Clamp motor mount to adjust side to side weight distribution. The car can be perfectly balanced with lipo batteries.
  • Split rear transmission housing with options to adjust the chassis stiffness.
  • Quick release layshaft design for ease of maintenance.
  • Carbon fibre upper link design with options to adjust roll centres.
  • Centre point steering with forward facing balls to fine tune geometry. Fully adjustable Velocity Ratio, Ackermann Angle and Ackerman Rate.
  • Anti roll bar mounts with precise vernier adjustment to minimise play.
  • Wide offset O ring retained wheel hexes.
  • Lightweight moulded pivot blocks. Optional twin pivot block system allows infinite adjustment of roll centres, toe-in, anti-squat, and track width on front and rear.
  • Fully adjustable, suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, track width, ackerman, droop, anti dive, anti squat, front toe in/out, ride height and much more.
  • 2mm Aerospace carbon fibre chassis and long top deck with optimised flex.
  • Efficient transmission with twin Kevlar belts and precision CNC pulleys.
  • Alloy eccentric adjusters for optimum belt tension. Easy diff height adjustment to allow changes in drive shaft plunge. This can be used to increase or decrease traction.
  • Quick release diffs – Just 2 screws!!
  • Super easy to work on design.
  • Symmetrical chassis layout with few screws minimises tweak.
  • Ultra smooth Nickel-Teflon plated threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability.
  • Stiff 3mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
  • Lightweight machined diff pulley, Ceramic diff balls, aerospace thrust bearing.
  • Narrow efficient thin back belts.
  • Ultra Low Anti roll bars.
  • Lightweight foam bumper.
  • High tensile spring steel pins.
  • Purple alloy M3 nuts.
  • Battery fixing with tape or optional battery strap.
  • Carbon Fibre wishbones for less weight and improved stiffness.
  • Speed secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.

Schumacher Mi4CX Specs

Power Source: ELECTRIC
Length: 300mm
Width: 180-190mm
Top Speed: 40 MPH+