Traxxas X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears

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X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears

The Traxxas X-Maxx has been built to withstand some brutal punishment, we all know there are plenty of us out there that like to push your truths as far as we can get them. Traxxas has just released X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears to withstand the harshest of treatments. The X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears are offered for both front and rear X-Maxx diffs. The machined diff gears are spiral cut machined differential gears provide a nearly bulletproof drivetrain.

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Arrma Wing Mount from RPM

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rpm wing mount 81642

Here's some news that's going to make a lot of Arrma and Team Durango owners very happy. RPM RC Products has just released a new wing mount - one of the most common parts that break on the Arrma and Durango RC's. The new Arrma wing mounts from RPM has been redesigned by removing the front mounted cross brace and then beefed up all the way around. All while still weighing nearly the same as the stock braces!

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Spektrum DX6R 6-Channel DSMR Radio System

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Spektrum DX6R

There is a new high-end radio system from Spektrum, the Spektrum DX6R! The DX6R is designed with several popular technologies built-in, such as bluetooth to wirelessly transfer model programming to another DX6R radio user, or the wifi radio to download updated firmware as well as it's wireless link for Spektrum FPV headsets, and the can't miss Android powered full-color touch screen!

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Helion Invictus MT Front A-arms From RPM

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helion invictus a-arms - 73872

RPM has something for all the Helion Invictus MT owners out there that's sure to make them a bit more happier with the release of front A-arms for their monster truck. The RPM a-arms for the Helion Invictus MT have been built with tighter tolerances, over-sized bosses around the hinge pins and pivot balls for less slope and added strength.

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