Ripmax Buys HPI Racing

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Ripmax buys HPI Racing

So after weeks a empty rumors about Traxxas buying HPI Racing had spread, the real truth comes out. One of the largest hobby distributor in the UK, Ripmax has purchased HPI Racing. In the official announcement from Ripmax they also seem to want to change HPI Racing as very little as possible.

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Memorial Day 2016

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Memorial Day

If you don’t have the chance to attend an official Memorial Day event today, maybe you can pause a moment and express gratitude for the men and women who died in service to our country. Without the brave men and women we wouldn’t have the privileges and freedoms we have today.

I am so grateful to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you.

Arrma Nero 6s Monster Truck

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Arrma Nero 6s BLX Monster Truck

Arrma RC has just introduced their latest monster truck, the Arrma Nero! This isn’t just another 1/8th scale monster truck, or one that’s designed to handle 6s LiPo power from the equipped BLX4075 brushless motor. The Arrma Nero BLX monster truck also has some diff brains behind it allowing you to pick from four different modes: Drift, Wheelie, Climb and Blast!

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Traxxas X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears

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X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears

The Traxxas X-Maxx has been built to withstand some brutal punishment, we all know there are plenty of us out there that like to push your truths as far as we can get them. Traxxas has just released X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears to withstand the harshest of treatments. The X-Maxx Machined Diff Gears are offered for both front and rear X-Maxx diffs. The machined diff gears are spiral cut machined differential gears provide a nearly bulletproof drivetrain.

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Losi TEN-MT 4WD Monster Truck

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Losi TEN-MT Monster Truck

Losi has announced the Losi TEN-MT 1/10th scale 4WD monster truck RTR kit. The Losi TEN-MT is based off the ever popular and successful TEN-SCTE 2.0 platform and features 4WD drivetrain, large 12mm big bore shocks, Dynamite Fuze 3800kv brushless motor, and the AVC stability control system!

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Arrma Wing Mount from RPM

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rpm wing mount 81642

Here’s some news that’s going to make a lot of Arrma and Team Durango owners very happy. RPM RC Products has just released a new wing mount – one of the most common parts that break on the Arrma and Durango RC’s. The new Arrma wing mounts from RPM has been redesigned by removing the front mounted cross brace and then beefed up all the way around. All while still weighing nearly the same as the stock braces!

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