Proline Racing EVO Short Course Clear Body

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Proline EVO short course Clear Body

Proline EVO short course body has been designed with an aggressive sloped nose which keeps as much air as possible from getting under the hood which increases the all so common parachute effect and gives you more control of your short course truck. The improved front down-force also enhances steering for quicker lap times.

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Gear Head 1.55 Krusher aluminum wheels

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1.55 Krusher Wheels from Gear Head

Gear Heads latest scale rc wheels, the 1.55 Krusher wheels, are sure to look great on just about any scale truck. Made in the USA from CNC machined aluminum are available in natural aluminum and black anodized aluminum with re-machined accents. The Gear Head 1.55 Krusher wheels come in a set of four and are available from Gear Head now.

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Slash 4×4 Caster Blocks from RPM

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Slash 4x4 Caster Blocks from RPM RC Products

RPM has added to their already long list of durable parts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 and Traxxas Stampede 4x4 trucks with their new Caster and Spindle blocks. RPM used a lower-case "H" structure for their core design when designing the caster blocks which provides extreme rigidity to keep camber and caster setting locked in place while running normally.

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Futaba 4PLS 2.4Ghz Radio System

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Futaba 4PLS

Futaba has just released an update to one of their most popular radios, the Futaba 4PL. The new Futaba 4PLS builds off the 4PL system and adds even more great features while still maintaining the same price point of $249.99!

The most notable change is the Futaba 4PLS adds telemetry which allows you to monitor voltage, rpm, and temperature in real time as well as the ability to log data for future use.

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