OS Engines Speed 21XZ-B Spec III

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OS Engine 21XZ-B Spec III

O.S. has just released the Speed 21XZ-B Spec III, the successor to the tried and true O.S. Speed 21XZ-B spec.II. The new O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec III features a newly designed crankcase as well as piston and cylinder. The displacement of the Speed 21XZ-B Spec III is 3.49cc. In addition a 3-port exhaust allows for effective air flow after combustion.

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Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ rock crawling tires

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Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9" rock crawling tires

The new Pro-Line Racing Hyrax 1.9″ rock crawling tires are an aggressive, open tread pattern that is an all new design made to give your RC Scale Crawler maxium traction. The Pro-Line Hyrax tires features detailed connected tread on the sidewalls as well as stepped tread blocks to offer maximum forward gripping edges that dig into slick rock unlike any other Pro-Line rock crawling tire.

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Remember 9/11/01, Patriot Day 2016

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Never forget 9/11

Remembering those we lost 15 years ago today. Services have been and will be held throughout today, please take a moment to remember those we lost on this day 15 years ago and give thanks to all the emergency personal who gave their lives to protect and serve those in need. #NeverForget

Proline Scale K-Rail made from concrete

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concrete k-rail from Pro-line racing, painted

Now this is cool, really cool! Pro-Line Racing has released their True Scale concrete 1/10th K-Rail. The Proline K-Rail is something that could easily be used for ANY scale R/C event for obstacles to climb, to race borders, easily used for on-road or off-road use plus they just look cool as heck. In addition the Proline K-Rails can be easily paint-able so you can easily add your own art or graffiti!

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X-Maxx upper & lower a-arm set from RPM

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X-Maxx a-arms from RPM, part #:82352

RPM Products has come to the rescue once again, this time to help Traxxas X-Maxx owners by offering a much stronger and durable upper and lower A-arm set. The lower A-arm has been improved by offering greater ground clearance as well as featuring a cross section based off RPM’s a-arms for the 1/5th scale HPI Baja. RPM has also created a double support beam on the lower a-arms to spread impact energy over a larger area. The X-Maxx A-arms are made from RPM’s famous nylon and includes a lifetime warranty guarantee.

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