Front Traxxas Summit A-arms from RPM RC Products

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RPM A-Arm for Traxxas Summit

RPM has good news for Traxxas Summit owners with the release of their new front a-arms! Well actually front left a-arm as the Traxxas Revo front right a-arms (part #: 80212 & 80215) also fit the Traxxas Summit right front. The current RPM Revo left arms would not fit due to the extended T-Lock differential on the left side and thus the reason for a new set of left arms.

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1966 Ford F-100 body for Traxxas Stampede from Proline Racing

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Proline 1966 Ford truck body

If you've got a Traxxas Stampede and love classic trucks then Proline Racing has a new body for you, the 1966 Ford F-100 truck body! The 1966 Ford F-100 body comes with classic details like step-sides and huge fender flares. Just like the Ford of 1966, Proline Racing makes this body right here in the USA!

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Deal: Eneloop XX 2500mAh with charger

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Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries with charger

Sanyo's Eneloop are not like typical NiMH rechargeable batteries, Eneloop batteries feature a very slow discharge rate, in fact eneloop batteries typically maintain 75% of their charge over a years shelf life time and ship pre-charged. The Sanyo enelopp XX 2500mAh make for great batteries in radio transmitters as they offer good run time, store for long periods of time, and are rechargeable.

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RPM front shock tower for Associated SC10.2, SC10B, and T4.2FT

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RPM Shock tower for Associated SC10B, SC10.2, and T4.2FT

RPM has a new front shock tower for your Associated SC10B, SC10.2, and T4.2FT that's been designed with one goal in mind, survivability! The new shock tower increased and improved support in all the vital areas of the stock shock tower and of course made from RPM's indestructible plastic. Made in the USA and covered by RPM's breakage warranty.

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