Hop-Ups that every Nitro machine should have done before it’s first run

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Key Benefits:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Longevity

In-Line Fuel Filter - For whatever reason, most manufactures do NOT include a fuel filter. Though this is one of if not the easiest way for dirt to enter your engine. How many people refill their tanks in a perfectly clean environment? I know I dont...usually its somewhere where the dirt is already flying in the air from bashing, the truck is already covered in dust, dirt, mud or whatever. So when dirt gets in the tank it goes straight to the heart of your R/C...the engine.

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WoodiE’s Top T-Maxx Hop-Ups!

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Seems lately that a lot of people want to know what other people recommend as some hop-ups for a stock Traxxas T-Maxx. Here is a list of FIVE T-Maxx hop-ups I recommend for any Traxxas T-Maxx monster truck.

  1. Fuel Filter - Take no chances of any dirt or foreign object getting into the gas and into the engine. I recommend the Racers Edge fuel filter.
  2. Air Filter - This is a must. I wouldn't trust the air filter the T-maxx comes with just to run it up and down the street. The smallest piece of dirt can cause havok on a small engine and send you shopping for a new one. I highly recommend the Motor Saver Air Filter. With the increase of air from the motor saver air filter there will also be a slight increase of power. I also believe the air and fuel filter should be installed before even starting your Traxxas t-maxx for the first time. The last thing you want is dirt in an engine.
  3. Titanium Front and Rear Skid Plates - Face it, we bash the heck outta our T-Maxx's. These are to two parts that more times then not take the most beating. Titanium does cost a little bit more, but the strength you pick up from it is worth it and more. aluminum on the other hand bends, and once bent cant be bent back. Bending alum. back only weakens it more. The only advantage I see aluminum having over titanium is all the colors available for aluminum.
  4. Tuned Pipe - Before going out and spending that $100-$200 for a new engine, install a tuned pipe. The stock engine is pretty powerful if tuned correctly. With a tuned pipe you can bet you will see an increase in power. As an added bonus it will even make your Maxx sound cooler! I would recommend three tuned pipes. 1) AE Pipe 2) MIP Stinger 3) CVEC Pipe - though the CVEC pipe is not legal to race with. I personally run the AE Tuned pipe and love it. The sound of my T-maxx now is awesome and the increase of speed is noticeable.
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