RCNitroTalk Fuel Line Covers

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Fuel Line Cover Colors

Fuel line cover colors

also available in CHROME!

Chrome fuel line covers

Heatshrink Colors

Heat shrink colors

Only $7.50 per kit (INCLUDES SHIPPING!). Each kit includes 2 ft of fuel line cover and 6 inches of heatshrink wrap.

Features and Installation Instructions:

The fuel line covers are made of a PolyEthylene Terepthalate some of the features of these fine product include:

  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemically and organically inert
  • Operating Temp. -103F to 257F
  • Melt Temp. 446F
  • Cuts easily with Hot Knife
  • Looks pretty damn COOL!

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Pro .21 and .28 Engines from Jammin

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Jammin Products from Ofna has just introduced two new nitro engines. A .21 (51250) and a .28 (51251) engine. Jammin has paid close attention to the details that are so important for off-road R/C racing. Such as durability, ease of tuning, and driveabilty. Jammin has preformed tweaks to the materials, crank timing, and tolerances all played a part in getting the engine to the high performance edge that Jammin Jay requires. Both .21 and .28 engines deliver excellent bottom end power with great top end run out. Both Jammin engines include Turbo Plug type heads. While the Jammin .21 is tuned for the buggies, testing proved it to be more than capable in the truggy class. The Jammin .28 is all out big block performance but still very easy to drive and gets surprisingly good fuel mileage. Turbo Glow plug included.

Pro .21 and .28 Engines from Jammin

Part #: 51250 - .21 Jammin Nitro Engine
Part #: 51251 - .28 Jammin Nitro Engine

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Mugen MBX5R carbon fiber shock tower

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Mugen MBX5R carbon fiber shock tower

Xtreme Racing has released a 4mm thick carbon fiber rear shock tower for the Mugen MBX5R. The Xtreme Racing carbon fiber shock tower has all the stock shock hole locations plus an extra row of mounting holes for even more tuning ability. At 4mm thick, these new Mugen carbon fiber shock towers will take a beating and still keep on going!

Part #: 10427RS
MSRP: 32.99

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rcID radio skins for Nomadio and Spektrum

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rcID, a sister company of Upgrade RC, has released two new skins to their inventory of custom radio decals. Now for both the Spektrum DX3.0 and DX2.0 as well as the Nomadio React. The rcID skins not only look good and are the perfect custom job to make you stand out from the crowd but not only that, the rcID radio skins are also customizable too with color selections and the option of adding your name and other details.

MSRP: $39.99

rcID radio skins. DX2.0/3.0 and Nomadio React radios

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HPI Firestorm threaded shock bodies

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HPI has released a set of aluminum threaded front and rear shock bodies for the HPI Firestorm stadium truck. The HPI aluminum threaded shock bodies are precision machined from high quality aluminum and hard anodized to a tough and ultra fine finish, these aluminum shock bodies will smooth out any jump you throw at your HPI Firestorm!

HPI threaded shock bodies for the HPI Firestorm

Part #: 86837 - Aluminum threaded shock body (67-87mm/2pcs)
MSRP: $21.00

Part #: 86838 - Aluminum threaded shock body (70-103mm/2pcs)
MSRP: $21.00

Atomic 380 motor

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Micro 1/18th R/C's have been coming more and more popular and because of that the demand for hotter engines have also been increasing. Atomic has released two new motors which do just that!

The Atomic ST-80 26T high torque motor that will run up to 35,000 RPM at 7.2V. The Atomic ST-80 was designed mainly for off-road use. The second engine from Atomic is the ATOM-18 which is a 22T HIGH speed motor that will do 40,000 RPM at 7.2V. The Atomic ATOM-18 was designed for those 1/18th on-road cars!

Part Numbers:
MO-001 - Atomic ST-18 380 Motor (High Torque)
MO-002 - Atomic ATOM-380 Motor (High Speed)
MO-003 - Atomic Carbon Brush for 380 Motor

Atomic ST-18 and ATOM-18 motors for 1/18th scale