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triton charger

Discussion in 'Electric RC' started by gta18, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. gta18

    gta18 RCNT Racer

    hi, i just bought the triton charger and trying it out. I noticed that while charging the NiMh hump pack of my savage @ 1A rate. it always false peaks. and i think the start delay peak doesn't work because it tests for a peak at less than a minute while it was set on 5. Any body experienced this? mine has the green sticker at the bottom. which is the updated version as i understand. thnx
  2. scottm

    scottm Hardcore RCNT User

    I have had trouble getting mine to charge nimh too. I never asked about it, I just use an FMA Supernova for small packs. Is it known to be a problem? Have they tried to fix it?

    You can make your work better though. Set the battery type to nimh, then go to menu. Scroll through the list to Delta Voltage or something like that, and turn it up from original, 5mv I think, to 15 mv per cell.

    But you shouldn't charge rx/tx batteries that hard anyway. Charge at 1/10 to 1/5 C or .1 to .2 A per 1000 mha for best life and capacity. Charge at 1/2 C for fast charge.
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