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T-Maxx 3.3 vs. Revo 3.3 which is better

Discussion in 'Traxxas T-Maxx' started by solidpain, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. solidpain

    solidpain RCNT Basher

    OK everyone the day is here on friday i get either a T-Maxx 3.3 or a Revo 3.3
    now the thing is i want power and speed on and off road but also want low matience as low as possible, would be nice. this will be my 1st running nitro and i only know as much as i read of this great site, but still very new to the hobby so i turn to you.:bow:


    REVO! hands down,what I have learned.
  3. GH Racing

    GH Racing Hardcore RCNT User

    their both good trucks, but i would say revo
  4. Cupooterluvr

    Cupooterluvr Hardcore RCNT User

    Simply put, for straight bashing at low cost, I would go with the Maxx, but if you are willing to deviate from Traxxas trucks, buy a Savage. They are MUCH more durable than any Traxxas truck.

    The Revo is built more for racing and if you want to try drag racing your friends alot or like on-road and driving at the local RC track, then I would go with that.

    The Maxx used to have some problems with pieces like bulkheads and weak transmissions but those have been addressed in the new version.
  5. rckid91

    rckid91 Hardcore RCNT User

    the bulks are still exactly the same just a different color
  6. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos RCNT Addict


    They did add some reinforcement but not where I always break mine.

    The Revo will do everthing the Maxx does but better.Its stronger and performs better.The new Max with exteneded chassis and larger tires(make sure you get the newest version if you go max)has many improvements to an old design.It looks like a good basher like the savage but a Revo will run cicles around it.The Revo is more $ but worth it.They added some things to the new Revo 3.3 also(make sure you get the newest version).Both are improved,both great fun,parts support and upgrades are great with Traxxas.

    If you plan to race ever I would go Revo and recommend you fork out the dough for a platinum and a 2.4 spektum receiver/transmitter and your done.Oh you would need a starter box also but for the $950.00 your done go have fun.Thge regular 3.3 is race capable also but you will upgrade if you get into it ($$$).It would cost you over a grand to build a platinum buying parts from traxxas.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2008
  7. CharliesTheMan

    CharliesTheMan Gone - bye bye.

    I definitely reccomend the revo over the T-Maxx hands down, but if you're going to be bashing and you don't want to be replacing a lot of parts, go with the HPI Savage. The Revo is better suited for racing and handles better, but the traxxas stuff is a lot more prone to breaking parts when running them. I haven't seen anything that comes close to the durability of the Savage except the HPI Baja, and that's a whole nother animal in itself.
  8. rckid91

    rckid91 Hardcore RCNT User

    the new 3.3 revo is a good platform and is by far the most versitile truck I've used (i have the old 2.5r) great truck and a solid platform to go in whatever direction you would like
  9. danketchpel

    danketchpel RCNT Basher

    If I were making that choice again I'd certainly go Revo. My coworker told me to get a Revo the first time and I should have listened to him.

    The Revo is a much better design than the Maxx and it handles better (drove his afterwards...... DOH!). It will still bash just as well but not break as often and drive better in the mean time. The Revo design reflects the "next generation" while the T-Maxx is "last generation".

    From what I've gathered, the Savage is very durable but doesn't handle nearly as well so it depends on what's important to you. I've inspected (but not driven) the Savage and it's built like a tank.

    My other consideration would be the Associated MGT 8.0
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