East End Machining’s summer clearance sale

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East End Machining

If you're looking to save some money on your next R/C parts purchase, then you better be sure to check out East End Machining's Summer Clearance Sale!

Save big on brands like RPM, STRC, Venom and more!

  • AX10 STRC Parts 40% Off
  • 40% off all RPM Parts and Tools
  • 40% off all IMEX Products
  • 50% Off all Venom Racing AX10 Parts
  • 40% off East End Machining Set Up Tools

East End Machining

East End Machining Spring Sale

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East End Machining

East End Machining is hold a Spring Sale from April 23, 2010 to April 26, 2010 and is offering some pretty huge discounts!

  • 40% Off SNG Parts
  • 40% Off EEM Blitz Parts
  • 50% Off Slash Nerf Bars
  • 50% Off EEM SC10 Parts
  • 40% Off All EEM Bully Steering Kits and Parts
  • Tag Chassis Blowout! Only $39.99
  • Sale ends soon so be sure to check out East End Machining now!

East End Machining Berg MOA Chassis

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east end machining berg moa chassis

Well it's finally here. EEM's first MOA chassis. It has been designed for Berg Axles but can be run with any other MOA style axles on the market.

The design was created and honed by East End Machining Team Driver Lloyd Town. Better known to us all on the boards as Slow-N-Green.

Lloyd has done an incredible job on this design. It is a 2 1/4 in wide aluminum TVP chassis design. It has a modified EEM Double Reverse Triangulation Skid Plate, 4 cross braces, & a Lexan DIG Tray. The chassis is pre-drilled to accept the EEM AX10 Velcro body mount system (SC-008)as well.

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EEM Velcro Body Mount System

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East End Machining Patent Pending body mount system mounts using the stock body posts and clips on your AX10 rock crawler.

East End Machining CNC machined crossbar allows you to securely fasten your crawler body using Industrial Strength Velcro brand fasteners. This isn't the Velcro your Mom buys at the sewing shop. This stuff is strong enough that you can swing the truck around by the lid.

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Delrin Dual Triangulation Skid Plate for AX10

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East End Machining AX10 Skid Plate

East End Machining has created a delrin skid plate for the Axial AX10 Scorpion that fixes a common problem with the AX-10 known as "axle steer". Axle steer is causes the axle to articulate at an angle instead of straight up and down. The articulation at these angles can cause the suspension to bind and fail prematurely.

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