Arrma Kraton front bumper from RPM RC Products

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rpm arrma kraton bumper 81472

Arrma Kraton owners will be happy to know another front bumper option has just come available with the release of the RPM RC Products front bumper and skid plate for the Arrma Kraton!

The RPM Arrma Kraton front bumper and skid plate is a two piece design made up of a thick 4mm skid plate in additino to 1.5mm skid ribs that is then topped off with a curved oval bumper that bolts to the skid plate. Together they offer protection for the Kraton chassis and body.

Made from RPM's popular nylon blend made in the USA and covered with a lifetime warranty.

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OS Engines Speed 21XZ-B Spec III

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OS Engine 21XZ-B Spec III

O.S. has just released the Speed 21XZ-B Spec III, the successor to the tried and true O.S. Speed 21XZ-B spec.II. The new O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec III features a newly designed crankcase as well as piston and cylinder. The displacement of the Speed 21XZ-B Spec III is 3.49cc. In addition a 3-port exhaust allows for effective air flow after combustion.

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Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ rock crawling tires

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Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9" rock crawling tires

The new Pro-Line Racing Hyrax 1.9" rock crawling tires are an aggressive, open tread pattern that is an all new design made to give your RC Scale Crawler maxium traction. The Pro-Line Hyrax tires features detailed connected tread on the sidewalls as well as stepped tread blocks to offer maximum forward gripping edges that dig into slick rock unlike any other Pro-Line rock crawling tire.

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