Baja 5B carbon fiber center chassis brace

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 HPI Baja 5B carbon fiber center chassis brace

Vertigo Performance has created a carbon fiber center chassis brace for the HPI Baja 5B. Made of sturdy 3mm Quasi Fiber Vertigo Center Chassis Brace sits in behind the fuel tank and replaces the stock piece of punched aluminum.

Part number: VPP1607CF
MSRP: $19.95

If you're looking for more carbon fiber parts then, Xtreme Racing has other carbon fiber parts for the HPI Baja 5B.

HPI Baja 5B super star shiny wheel

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HPI Baja 5B super star shiny wheel

Pimp your Baja 5B and get your shine on!

New from HPI Racing for your Baja 5B is these new Super Star Shiny Chrome Wheels! HPI Baja 5B owners now have another way to customize their buggies. These great looking wheels will make your HPI Baja 5B look as hardcore as it performs! Made from tough, high-impact nylon and available in either shiny chrome or white. These wheels are an excellent addition to your wheel arsenal. Packaged in pairs.

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Traxxas Aluminum Wheelie Bar Wheel

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Traxxas Aluminum Wheelie Bar Wheel

When it comes to riding wheelies, the Traxxas wheelie bar offers wild wheels-up excitement for the power hungry enthusiast. Traxxas is now offering an impressive set of red-anodized machined aluminum wheelie bar wheels with rubber tires. The precision 6061-T6 aluminum wheels feature a stunning red-anodized finish and they ride on rubber-sealed 5x8mm ball bearings. For controllable and seemingly never-ending wheelies, Traxxas developed a durable, soft compound rubber tire that reduces side-to-side movement for stable, consistent wheelies. The rubber tires also absorb shock to help keep the tires in contact with the ground. The rubber tires are available separately and they also install on the stock nylon wheels.

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HPI Baja heavy duty drive shafts

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HPI Baja heavy duty drive shaft

Dogging your Baja? Add bigger bones! Available now from HPI Racing are Heavy Duty Drive Shafts for the HPI Baja 5B! Thicker and tougher than the stock drive shafts, these heavy duty drive shafts are the perfect upgrade for HPI Baja 5B owners who are modifying motors and or pushing the performance envelope. Included are HPI Baja 5b heavy duty dogbones (2) and axel boots 22x47mm (4).

Part Number: #86610 - Heavy Duty Drive Shaft 15x120mm
MSRP: $30.00

Discuss the new HPI Baja 5b heavy duty drive shafts in our Large Scale R/C forum.

Axial Fuel Filters

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Axial Fuel Filters

Everyone knows when it comes to your engine, dirt is your worse enemy! The thing that ruins most engines is dirt. Any foreign particle that gets into your engine can cause issues. The slightest scratch on any internal part can and will lead to a reduction in power and premature failure. Everyone should run an inline fuel filter, and now you can do it in style. Axial fuel filters come in 5 different colors and include a handy holder that has clips to help with your fuel line routing. The Axial fuel filters come in five different colors: green, blue, purple, red, and black. The Axial fuel filters also feature a replaceable filter cartridge!

Part Number:
#AX0500 - Axial Fuel Filter (Green)
#AX0501 - Axial Fuel Filter (Blue)
#AX0502 - Axial Fuel Filter (Purple)
#AX0503 - Axial Fuel Filter (Red)
#AX0504 - Axial Fuel Filter (Black)
MSRP: $10.00

#AX0505 Axial Fuel Filter Cartridge (2 pieces)
MSRP: $5.00

For more information visit Axial Racing or talk about the new Axial fuel filters in our General Nitro Talk forum.

Robitronic Mantis Truggy

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Robitronic Mantis Truggy

Robitronic Mantis 1/8 Offroad Truggy

Robitronic is proud to announce the release of the Mantis RTR 1/8th scale racing truggy. The Mantis truggy was designed to meet the needs of all levels from beginner to racer. The Mantis truggy was made to be ultra durable on the track, easy to handle and maintain. Features like floating gearboxes, a sealed center gearbox, all the suspension and tuning options you will ever need, and a powerful Axial 4.6 big block help set this truggy apart from the rest of the pack. Use of new materials and intelligent design ensure that the Mantis Truggy is built to last and capable of competing on the track. Mantis – the new name in 1/8th scale off road.

Mantis Ready to Run

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