Vulcan 1/16th nitro buggy

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Vulcan 1/16th nitro buggy

IRC RACING has released two new 1/16 NITRO buggies - the Vulcan and Vulcan SE nitro buggies both are perfect for the nitro novice and the serious nitro racer. Both versions have a .05 engine and are Ready to Race out of the box. The Vulcan is simple enough for the novice and back yard basher but yet sophisticated and flexible for the most demanding R/C enthusiast. Both Vulcans are Racer friendly and feature a highly tunable suspension for a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

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Team Losi XXX-T Sport RTR Brushless w/XR2i

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Team Losi XXX-T Sport RTR Brushless

Team Losi now raises the bar yet another level with the XXX-T Brushless RTR, the first electric RTR equipped with a state-of-the-art brushless motor system. There is little doubt that brushless power is the future. With greater power, longer run time, better reliability, and much less maintenance, brushless offers more of everything the enthusiast wants. Until now, the only way to achieve this level of performance and reliability was considered costly. With Team Losi and Novak working together to offer this remarkable package the enthusiast can enjoy all of the benefits at only a fraction of the cost.
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HPI Roto Start 2

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HPI Roto-Start 2

Hellfire and Savage SS owners can upgrade from a pullstart engine to an easy remote starting system! The HPI Roto Start 2 system replaces the pullstarter with a durable metal gear backplate and a handheld shaft driven starter. Starting is as simple as pressing a button. Some disassembly of the engine is required to mount the Roto Start 2 system. The Rotostart 2 is an upgraded version of the original Rotostart with an improved case with shaft storage holder and a circuit breaker for overload protection. The thumb-start button has a safety cover to prevent accidental starting of the Rotostart 2. Complete instructions included. Standard 7.2v battery and charger required.

Part #: 87130

MSRP: $65.00

Jammin JP-3 tuned pipe

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Jammin JP-3 tuned pipe

After many months of testing, Jammin has released the JP-3 inline Hard Coated tuned pipe to the world. This new Jammin JP-3 tuned pipe is a 3-chamber design with all round performance, very simular to both JP-1 & JP-2 combined. Made of thick aluminum which is then Hard Coated, the Jammin JP-3 tuned pipe features include Jammin signature CNC outlet, smooth flow manifold, and flexible pipe mount.


  • Thick T6 Aluminum
  • Hard Coated protective treatment
  • CNC Signature protective outlet
  • Smooth flow exhaust manifold
  • High performance inline design
  • Flexible Wire Mounting

Part #: 10051

Dual Purpose Aluminum Wrench

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dual-purpose wrench from pro-line

After Pro-Line Racing released the 17mm and 23mm wheel wrenches, customers have been demanding more wrenches by Pro-Line. The new Dual-Purpose wrench fills a gap in the market by offering two of today’s most popular size nut drivers for 1:8 Buggy, 1:8 Truck, and Monster truck chassis-an 8mm nut driver on one side and a 5.5 mm on the other.

The is made from strong 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Each side of the driver has an inner backstop to hold the nut secure. Blue, aluminum anodizing completes the driver with a very sharp finish combined with a pad-printed Pro-Line logo.


  • 5mm on one side, 8mm on the other
  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Stylish pad printed Pro-Line logo
  • Replace two tools in your tool box for one
  • Dual-Purpose Aluminum Wrench - 5.5mm & 8mm

Part #: 6043-00
MSRP: $22.00
UPC #: 67511813297
Estimated Ship Date: 6-9-06

Pro-line Mulcher 40 series

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Proline Mulchers 40 series tires

Pro-Line Racing has released their ever popular Mulcher tread pattern for 40 Series owners. The new 40 Series LP Mulcher is just what is states. It’s made for 40 Series wheels only, is low-profile in design, and is ready to mulch anything in its path. The gigantic lugs make the Mulcher versatile and performance driven. Grass, loamy dirt and even mud are no match for the Mulchers. They scream for the harshest of conditions and are a perfect tire to add to your collection.


  • Made from super-soft M2 compound
  • Comes with firm foam inserts
  • Exclusively for 40 Series wheels
  • Versatile tread design

Part #: 1128-00
MSRP: $31.00/pr
UPC #: 67511813300
Estimated Ship Date: 5-31-06

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