Dominator Chrome Pipe for HPI Baja 5b

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Dominator Chrome Pipe for HPI Baja 5b

New from DDM! Developed through months of extensive in-house testing and prototyping, and custom-designed for maximum RC performance, these new "Dominator" pipes for your HPI Baja 5b gas buggy will give you the power you crave. Gives snappy low-end response, yet still offers unmatched top-end performance!

The DDM Dominator pipe features top-quality steel alloy construction, single-piece design to minimize leakage, ultra-sturdy mounting system, and jaw-dropping high polish show chrome finish. Installation requires very minor trimming of rear frame 'box' surrounding the pipe. This design is to allow the pipe to be sufficiently wide to allow for MAXIMUM performance, while still being VERY well protected - pipe is very unlikely to be exposed in a rollover.

Includes genuine Zenoah exhaust gasket and mounting hardware. Weight is approx 1.65 pounds. Pipe is covered by lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects from DDM. Fits Zenoah and Chung Yang engines.

Part #: fd120
MSRP: $179.00

Discuss the new Dominator chrome pipe for the HPI Baja 5B in our Large Scale R/C's forum or head over to Dave Motors and pick up your Dominator pipe now!

Serpent Drive Calculator

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Serpent Drive Calculator

Christophe De Vocht has developed a Drive Calculator program to work out drive ratios for all of Serpents current, and some older, models. The user can input all the pulley sizes as well as the tire diameters for it to work out the ratio, it will also suggest a tire size to get a user determined front to rear drive ratio too.

The Serpent drive calculator will display ratios for the following models:

  • Serpent 710
  • Serpent 720
  • Serpent 835
  • Serpent 950R
  • Serpent 960

Download the Serpent Drive Calculator now or discuss the serpent calculator and other Serpent products in our On-Road Touring forum.

HPI Firestorm 10T

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HPI Firestorm 10T

There's a storm brewing on the horizon, a FIRESTORM!

Introducing the HPI Firestorm 2WD RTR stadium truck! This amazing 2WD stadium truck features all-new design specifications, cool racing attributes and a fresh direction for HPI's high quality entry level nitro truck line-up!

Using the knowledge gained designing and engineering trucks such as the Savage and Hellfire, HPI was able to incorporate the toughness and reliability of those lines into a smaller and faster package on the power front, the HPI Firestorm 10T includes the new G3.0 engine with pullstart and an aluminum tuned pipe for maximum performance, speed and reliability. Putting all of that power to the ground is not a problem with the fully adjustable suspension featuring all-new geometry, vertically adjustable front and rear camber links, adjustable shock positions, silicone oil filled shocks with threaded shock bodies, adjustable wheel base, adjustable rear toe-in and anti-squat. All of the adjustability built into the HPI Firestorm 10T makes a truck that is already fun to drive even more fun by giving the driver the ability to dial the truck into driving conditions.

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RC Solutions 10% OFF the original Revo roll cage

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RC Solutions Revo Cage

If you've been thinking about ways to not only protect but also pimp out your Traxxas Revo then now's the time! RC Solutions is now offering 10% off their original Revo roll cage* through the month of December!

RC Solutions LST Roll Cage

How strong are these roll cages? Well I'll let this next image do the talking!

Not bad huh?

Ohh and did I mention that RC Solutions has not only brought back the Traxxas Nitro Cyber-Maxx back, but at a new reduced price! So head on over to RC-Solutions now and get your 10% off your Revo roll cage now!

RC Solutions forum

Traxxas Revo forum

*Does not include Revo 3.3.

HPI Baja 5B low drag piston and ring set

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HPI Baja 5B low drag piston and ring set

You've asked for it! You got it! HPI Racing is proud to announce the #15436 Low Drag Piston and Ring Set. This set is designed to unleash even more power from the 23cc Fuelie engine. Using a narrow 0.7mm ring and corresponding piston this setup will raise peak horsepower for even more high speed excitement from your HPI Baja 5B.

Part #: 15436 - HPI Baja 5B Low Drag Piston and Ring Set
MSRP: $35.00

Part #: 15437 - HPI Baja 5B Replacement Ring for Low Drag Piston Set.
MSRP: $7.00

Discuss the new HPI Baja 5b low drag piston and ring set in our Large Scale R/C's forum!

HPI Savage Alloy Diff Case

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HPI Savage Alloy Diff Case

How do you make the toughest Monster Truck even tougher? Here’s how! HPI Racing is proud to announce ALLOY GEAR CASES for all HPI Savage models! Available as an upgrade for your existing HPI Savage differential, or as a complete assembly that you can just drop in.Made from high quality aluminum these differential housings come with everything needed to install them in any of the HPI Savage line of Nitro monster trucks and include features such as steel cross pin supports and extremely accurate tolerances to help all of your differential parts in alignment even under massive loads.

After hours and hours of testing HPI R&D has determined that these parts can take any amount of power that you can throw at them and come away without a scratch. So if you are ready to take your HPI Savage to the next level here are the parts that will take you there.

Part #: #86827
MSRP: $12.00

Discuss the new HPI Savage alloy diff cases in our HPI Savage Forum!

Pre-assembled HPI Savage alloy gear diff sets

Also available from HPI are pre-assembled HPI Savage alloy gear diff sets.

HPI Savage Alloy Gear Diff Set

Part #: 86826
MSRP: $48.00

Axial Cubes Buggy Tires

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Axial Cubes Buggy Tires

The Cubes tire was created for medium packed track conditions, but works well on all surfaces. The blocks allow for great bite and are far enough apart to allow for good clean out in soft loamy conditions. They are sized to fit standard buggy wheels. Low profile sidewall reduces flex in, and is available in two compounds.

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