HPI Savage Alloy Diff Case

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HPI Savage Alloy Diff Case

How do you make the toughest Monster Truck even tougher? Here’s how! HPI Racing is proud to announce ALLOY GEAR CASES for all HPI Savage models! Available as an upgrade for your existing HPI Savage differential, or as a complete assembly that you can just drop in.Made from high quality aluminum these differential housings come with everything needed to install them in any of the HPI Savage line of Nitro monster trucks and include features such as steel cross pin supports and extremely accurate tolerances to help all of your differential parts in alignment even under massive loads.

After hours and hours of testing HPI R&D has determined that these parts can take any amount of power that you can throw at them and come away without a scratch. So if you are ready to take your HPI Savage to the next level here are the parts that will take you there.

Part #: #86827
MSRP: $12.00

Discuss the new HPI Savage alloy diff cases in our HPI Savage Forum!

Pre-assembled HPI Savage alloy gear diff sets

Also available from HPI are pre-assembled HPI Savage alloy gear diff sets.

HPI Savage Alloy Gear Diff Set

Part #: 86826
MSRP: $48.00

Robitronic 1/18th Scalpel Pro Kit

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Robitronic 1/18th Scalpel Pro Kit

Robitronic introduces the first competition level 1/18 electric pan car ever! This ultra light weight chassis contains a high performance POWER 300 motor and is set up to run 4 cells. The super smooth drive-train, ultra low center of gravity, completely adjustable suspension, factory glued foam tires, and GT style high down-force body all work together to make the Scalpel a rocket on the track.

Scalpel Specifications

  • Width: 115mm
  • Length: 185mm
  • Wheelbase: 129mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Weight: 320g

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Proline-Racing ’07 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab

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Proline-Racing '07 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab

Proline-Racing is all about bringing you the latest products. As Chevrolet introduces a new line of trucks to the American market, Pro-Line is mimicking their very step by capturing their latest design cues for the Monster Truck market. The Proline-Racing 2007 Chevy Silverado crew cab! Made specifically to fit today’s most popular monster trucks.

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Team Magic E4 concept car

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Team Magic E4 concept car

As a prototype design, the Team Magic E4 will never see production in its current form. Its construction has been completed to demonstrate Team Magic’s belief in technology as a way of improving our hobby. Pay close attention to the pictures below and you can see that the Team Magic E4 is by no means an ordinary vehicle. Every piece of carbon fiber and aluminum on this extraordinary chassis has been hand crafted to proudly display Team Magic’s creative expertise.

To release the Team Magic E4 to the public at this moment would be a mistake. Many of the ideas are too radical for mainstream use. Don’t be disappointed however, as a concept vehicle, many of its parts’will be found on Team Magic’s up and coming chassis’.

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RPM Rear Traxxas Rustler & Stampede and A-arms

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RPM Rear Traxxas Rustler & Stampede and A-arms 80182 and 80185

Just about two weeks ago, RPM released their front A-arms for the electric versions of the Traxxas Rustler and the Traxxas Stampede with a promise to have rear A-arms ready shortly. Well the wait is over! RPM's rear A-arms are complete and ready to ship! Not only are the RPM A-arms stronger and more durable than stock versions, but RPM has also managed to eliminate over 7 grams of weight per arm! That’s 14 grams of unsprung weight eliminated with a single pair of rear A-arms! Coupled with a set of RPM front A-arms, the total weight loss exceeds 24 grams or almost a full ounce!

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HPI Wheely King RTR Truck with mini GT-1 truck body

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HPI Wheely King doing wheely

Have you ever experienced the excitement of a monster truck rally? Here's your chance to bring that excitement home! HPI is proud to announce the release of our newest addition to our electric monster truck line, The HPI Wheely King! As the name would imply the HPI Wheely King is designed with the wheelie in mind, perfect wheelie-tuned weight distribution and rear wheelie bar allows you to pull an all day wheelie and also bash with the best of them.

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