Novak NovaLink software for the M2 Dig

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Novak NovaLink M2 Dig

Team Novak has released new software for use with the NovaLink Programming Interface (#5440) and M2 Dig 3S Dual Brush ESC (#1846). Drivers can now fine tune the Novak M2’s multiple parameters by inputting the desired values or using the user-friendly graphic controls. The M2 Dig ESC's firmware can also be updated via the NovaLink. Download the new software by visiting the web pages linked below.

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RC-Lights 911Strobe 14 LED system

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RC-Lights 14 LED police system

Looking to turn your latest R/C body into a police car, everything looks good just missing all the flashing lights? Well RC-Lights has come through for you again with their latest 14LED 911Strobe system!

The RC-Lights 911Strobe features fully-adjustable rate alternating roof strobe lights, dual intensity brake light action is built right in! Throttle channel input fully reversible and LEDs can be directly powered from the throttle channel of the RX using the included RX Pass-Thru (mini Y-harness).

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