AquaCraft Top Speed 3 boat

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Top Speed 3 ARR boat

AquaCraft took the knowledge gained from three successful seasons of race-testing inspired the refinements found in this latest generation of the AquaCraft Top Speed. The result is a .21-size tunnel hull whose superior handling and impressive speed have already earned World Championship titles. Now it’s ready to put boat racers of any level into the winner’s circle!

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LRP SPX Zero brushless speed controller

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LRP SPX brushless ESC

The new LRP SPX Zero brushless ESC offers an easy to use solution and packages the latest brushless technology with "normal" speed and easy operation.

The Boost Zero Mode restricts the power to set limits while still allowing the motor to run very efficiently. Every racer will be able to match the optimal speed control setting to the track according to their driving ability - just start at zero timing and move up.

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RC Lights 6 LED microBRAKE controller

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RC Lights 6 LED microBRAKE controller

RC Lights just released another nice LED controller, the 6 LED microBRAKE controller. Directly power up to 6 LEDs. Current limiting resistors are built right in.

Using the microBRAKE 6 LED Controller, LEDs can be directly powered from the throttle channel of the RX using the included RX Pass-Thru mini Y-harness also dual intensity brake light action is built right in! Plus throttle channel input fully reversible.

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LRP Pulsar Touch battery charger

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LRP Pulsar Touch

The LRP Pulsar line of chargers is the first choice of many of the world's best R/C drivers. LRP being one to never think that the best is good enough, is proud to announce the next generation in this successful line: the Pulsar Touch Competition.

The Pulsar Touch Competition shines with its revolutionary features including a special touch screen with graphic user interface and high-quality components. An integrated high-performance LiPo/LiFePo balancer detects differences in the cells and automatically starts balancing, resulting in longer lifetime and even better performance of the cells.

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DuraTrax Evader DT

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Muddy Duratrax Evader DT

DuraTrax has added a new r/c short course style truck to the mix, their DuraTrax Evader DT. The Evader DT is a one-of-a-kind 1/10th scale truck that brings scale details and tough as nails strength all at a low price!

The DuraTrax Evader DT features a 2WD chassis, realistic off-road tires and wheels that are tucked away under a pre-painted body. While the bumpers, skid plate, roll bar, light bars, mirrors, truck bed with cooler and functional spare tire all add up to an RTR truck that rocks.

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Proline Jeep Cherokee Interior

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Proline PC-L Interior

So you have already have the Proline Jeep Cherokee body and maybe even the Proline floor pan, but still want a more scale look, well Proline has a solution for you - the new Proline PC-L interior!

The Proline PC-L Interior features details such as seats, complete dash and even a steering wheel, all of which will give your SCX-10 that true scale look.

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