RC-Lights 911Strobe 14 LED system

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RC-Lights 14 LED police system

Looking to turn your latest R/C body into a police car, everything looks good just missing all the flashing lights? Well RC-Lights has come through for you again with their latest 14LED 911Strobe system!

The RC-Lights 911Strobe features fully-adjustable rate alternating roof strobe lights, dual intensity brake light action is built right in! Throttle channel input fully reversible and LEDs can be directly powered from the throttle channel of the RX using the included RX Pass-Thru (mini Y-harness).

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Proline short course interior

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installed proline short course interior

If you're looking to add more realism and detail to your R/C short course truck then Proline has your answer - the new Proline pro-driver short course clear interior!

Designed as an accessory for Pro-Line's short course rc bodies, the Pro-Driver short course interior will fit most rc short course bodies with minimal effort. Boasting plenty details such as roll cage, steering wheel and fully outfitted driver that will make your short course truck come to life.

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Proline Ford F-150 SVT Raptor body for SCRT10 and 10SC

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Proline Ford F-150 SVT Raptor body

About a month ago we told you about Proline offering one of the baddest truck bodies, the Ford SVT Raptor, to some of the most popular short course trucks.

Well now Proline has released the same body for Jammin SCRT10 and OFNA Hyper 10SC short course trucks! Featuring bold Ford STV Raptor styling, bold on number and side dam plates with exceptional detail and style.

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R/C airplane flies over NYC

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Check out this recently posted video on YouTube of a group taking an R/C airplane on a flight over NYC and the Statue of Liberty. The team decided to do the flight without any prior permission from any authorities.

There seem to be a lot of mixed opinions about the video, while very impressive, some fear it might bring negative backlash to the R/C community. What are you thoughts about it?

Come, share your thoughts about the flight and video.

Reedy 1700mAh LiFe receiver battery

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Reedy 1700mAh 6.6V LiFe Receiver Battery

The new receiver battery from Reedy offers both high capacity and a compact design - perfect for hobbyists or racers who want long-lasting receiver and servo power for their nitro powered vehicles.

A full 1700mAh capacity is perfect for racers that require one-hour plus run times while providing voltage output similar to that of NiMH batteries. And unlike with LiPo receiver batteries, no unreliable voltage regulators are required!

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