Memorial Day 2010

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Memorial Day

RCNitroTalk would like to give thanks to the men and women who are and have served in the military as well as remembrance to all of the men and women who have paid the ultimate price in protecting the very freedoms we get to enjoy everyday without thought.

Happy Memorial Day!

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived." - General George Patton

Horizon H-Cell 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell

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Horizon’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell r/c car

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies begin shipments of the world's first miniaturized hydrogen fuel cells and refueling stations for use in R/C cars. Named "H-Cell 2.0", the unique hobby-scale fuel cell power kit replicates the function of real-scale zero emission hydrogen power trains being developed by the world's leading automotive manufacturers. The hybrid power kit is also adaptable to other electric vehicles, including robots and boats, greatly extending their normal run times.

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HPI Bullet MT

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HPI Bullet MT

Check out HPI's newest 1/10th scale monster truck, the HPI Bullet MT! The HPI Bullet is the newest member of the HPI family which is based around their 4WD shaft drive train, 2 shocks per wheel and a double deck aluminum chassis. HPI also offers the HPI Bullet in both their silent Flux brushless motor systems or their power full Nitro start 3.0 engines. With the HPI Bullet MT, HPI has allowed you to get the precise flavor of off-road performance that you've been looking for.

HPI Bullet Chassis

The HPI Bullet trucks use a 3mm aluminum plate-style chassis as the backbone, providing a tough foundation for the suspension and drivetrain. The aluminum used in the chassis is the very strong 7075-T6 alloy, which is the best aluminum available in radio-controlled vehicles and military aircraft, making it the ideal material for something like the HPI Bullet! For extra stiffness, the sides of the chassis are upturned and the aluminum radio plate also acts as an extra stiffening support.

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Speed Passion Baja 5 brushless conversion

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Speed Passion has just released a brushless conversion kit for the HPI Baja large scale buggy. Speed Passion has spent the last 18 months developing the conversion kit to handle the stress of powering the 1/5th scale buggy, in the end the Speed Passion Baja 5 conversion kit is a direct fit for both the HPI Baja 5B and 5T vehicles.

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