RC4WD Mojave body for Trail Finder 2

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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 white body

If you're looking for a new body to top off your Trail Finder 2 chassis, RC4WD has just the body you need to check out. Their new RC4WD Mojave is a highly detailed body that comes in white or yellow and made from injection molded plastic.

The RC4WD Mojave body also includes many other features such as a drop bed, dash with steering wheel, decal insert for the dash as well as all required hardware needed.

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XRAY’s XB9 body from FTW Racing

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The XRAY XB9 just got fitted with one stealthy looking body - the new Night Fox body from FTW Racing has been tailored to fit XRAY XB9 luxury 1/8 Off-Road Buggy perfectly. Chiseled with precision to match the unique shape of the XB9, this Night Fox even accommodates the XB9's dual rear body mount configuration. Massive down force cloaked in stealth is now available for the XB9.

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Axial EXO Machined Aluminum Hop-ups

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Axial EXO have lots of new goodies to look forward to as Axial has just released a number of aluminum upgrades for the Axial EXO!

Axial EXO Aluminum Front Shock Tower

axial exo aluminum front shock tower

Add some strength to the Axial EXO chassis while retaining the ability to tune the suspension geometry with many combinations. if performance and durability is priority, the Axial EXO aluminum shock tower is a must have!

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Memorial Day 2012

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Soldier at grave

Before we break out the grills and steaks and enjoy the cook out with the family and friends, everyone at RCNitroTalk would like to give thanks for all the soldiers that have fallen while helping fight for the freedoms we all love and sometimes take for granted. We can't thank those individuals enough.

So everyone enjoy your day today but please take a few minutes to give thanks to those who have paid the ultimate price in giving you this very day and everyday.

"Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." -John Stark

HPI Super 5SC Flux RTR

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HPI Baja 5SC Flux info

If you didn't already have enough RC's on your wish list, well here's another one - the HPI Baja Super 5SC Flux 1/5th scale RTR large scale RC!

The Super 5SC Flux RTR 1/5th scale RC is built using the same super flexible Savage drivetrain that have allowed the monster trucks to reach legendary levels of durability and performance! Because of this extreme toughness, HPI designers have Super-sized the Savage to 1/5th scale, taking the Savage to a new dimension!

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1973 Ford Bronco Axial Wraith body from Proline

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Proline 1973 Ford Bronco body for Wraith

Check out the newest Axial Wraith body from Proline Racing, a 1973 Ford Bronco! The Ford Bronco is known for its off-road capabilities and unique looks and now you can match that styling on your Axial Wraith.

Complete with detailed grill, headlights, body molding trim, and that overall distinct 73 Ford Bronco look, all you classic truck enthusiasts will not want to be left behind. The body features separate molded doors giving you the option to run your Bronco with doors or without. Just like on a full-size crawler, the no door option exposes the frame! This is a truly customizable body that will please any Wraith owner.

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