HPI Ford F-150 SVT Raptor body

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HPI Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Body

HPI has released their own popular Ford Raptor body made to fit your HPI Savage monster truck! With the iconic "FORD" name across the updated front grill, extra-wide track, triple-bypass shocks, huge 6.2-liter V8 engine, custom graphics and many more unique features, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor has taken the off-road community by storm, and now it’s ready to rip your favorite bashing spot to shreds! The HPI Ford Raptor body is molded from super-tough, extra-thick, clear polycarbonate plastic for toughness and resilience in the roughest of conditions.

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RPM rear skid plate for the Losi Ten SCTE

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RPM rear skid plate for the Losi Ten SCTE

The RPM Rear Skid Plate for the Losi Ten SCTE, Ten-T and 810 is simple, yet cleverly designed with a sharp leading edge that transitions seamlessly through a large front radius and into a 5/32" thick skid / wear plate. The large front radius prevents objects from catching the front lip of the skid plate, allowing smooth transitions up and over anything sliding against the bottom of the vehicle. RPM nylons are integral to the design, providing unmatched abrasion and skid resistance for longevity and durability.

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Vertigo Performance rear spool for Losi 5ive

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Vertigo Performance spool Losi 5ive

For the last 10 years Vertigo Performance has been making lockers for popular RC cars and they know exactly what they are doing, and now they have a spool for the Losi 5ive large scale RC! Unlike other diff lockers, where they simply replace the spider gears making the rest of the diff susceptible to failure - Vertigo Performance replaces the entire diff assembly in your Losi 5ive ensuring reliability within the differential.

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Kyosho Sand Master buggy

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Red Kyosho Sand Master

The new Kyosho Sand Master features the exciting and timeless scale appearance from the wild world of desert off-road racing. The Kyosho Sand Master buggy brings higher levels of performance, quality, and value than has ever been combined into one hobby-quality RC vehicle, and for a price that’s more competitive than any car in Kyosho history.

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