Kyosho Sand Master buggy

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Red Kyosho Sand Master

The new Kyosho Sand Master features the exciting and timeless scale appearance from the wild world of desert off-road racing. The Kyosho Sand Master buggy brings higher levels of performance, quality, and value than has ever been combined into one hobby-quality RC vehicle, and for a price that’s more competitive than any car in Kyosho history.

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CowRC Flat Mat

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CowRC flat mat pitmat

About this same time two years ago we reviewed a brand new pitmat by CowRC called the Screw Catcher. The CowRC Screw Catcher was a huge hit with it's biggest feature being a fully magnetic base along with foam edges to "catch" your screws. The downside of the Screw Catcher was that it was thick and wasn't portable friendly.

Well CowRC has fixed that now with their latest pitmat, the CowRC Flat Mat and today we're going to take a closer look at the new CowRC flat mat pitmat.

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XRAY T2, T3 ceramic ball bearings

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XRAY T2, T3 ball bearings

Ceramic bearings have many advantages over standard steel bearings, such as decreased weight, higher RPM capabilities, increased corrosion and wear resistance, as well as reduced friction and vibration. Ceramic bearings are fitted with Si3N4 silicone nitride ceramic balls. These ball-bearings are degreased and lightly oiled with AeroShell Fluid 12 oil for maximum smoothness, long life, highest tolerance and maximum performance.

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Xtreme Racing carbon fiber chassis and top plate for Traxxas XO-1

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Xtreme Racing carbon fiber top plate for Traxxas XO-1

Are you wanting to gain some extra performance from your Traxxas XO-1? Xtreme Racing has you taken care of with a carbon fiber chassis and top plate replacement. Save up to 16 grams of weight with these new chassis and top plate parts while keeping a stiffer chassis for more consistent handling over those 100mph runs!

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PushGlo push button on-board glow igniter

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PushGlo pushbutton glow igniter

While this isn't exactly a "BRAND NEW, hot off the presses" item, the PushGlo onboard glow igniter is a pretty darn cool item. The PushGlo features selectable Glow Time, Audible "know when you glow" Buzzer, Spent Glow Plug Detection, Auto Compatibility with 4 to 9 volt RX battery source, accessory Port for optional LED and Pushbutton Extender Modules.

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