Axial SCX10 Poison Spyder Brawler Front Bumper

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Axial SCX10 Poison Spyder JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper

Axial’s officially licensed Poison Spyder Customs Brawler Lite bumper. This small scale version was designed specifically for the Axial SCX10 as a high clearance bumper for hard core off-road use. Integrated tabs work great with the included D-rings, which can be used as an actual tow point. The Poison Spyder JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper also features recessed light buckets for those night time adventures.

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Traxxas takes flight with DR-1 and QR-1 copters

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Traxxas DR-1 and Traxxas QR-1

Traxxas is taking to the air, literally with their newly released copters. The Traxxas DR-1 dual-rotor helicopter and the Traxxas QR-1 quad-rotor quadcopter. Both come Ready-To-Fly with LiPo batteries, USB charger, and 4-channel 2.4Ghz transmitter. Both the Traxxas DR-1 and QR-1 offer two skill modes which can be selected with a single click. Choose Normal Mode for easy flight training, then select Expert Mode when you're ready for even sharper response and faster flight!

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RPM Shock Shaft Guards

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RPM Traxxas shock guards

Rocks, dirt, and other debris striking shock shafts all lend to dent, dings, and burrs which in turn leads to torn and worn shock seals. Torn shock seals means leaky shocks and poor shock performance. RPM Shock Shaft Guards shield the shock shaft from those deteriorating elements, prolonging the life of your shock shaft, which improves the long-term performance of the suspension as well as prolongs the time between shock rebuilds!

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Gear Head RC 1.9 ENK EZ-Loc Wheels

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Gear Head RC continues to expand its scale wheel catalog with their all new 1.9 ENK EZ-Loc beadlock aluminum wheels. Made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum right here in the USA. Gear Head RC's EZ-Loc beadlock design makes mounting even the most difficult tires a breeze and the EZ-Loc ring attaches to the wheel with only (6)

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