RPM A-arms for Savage and Savage X

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RPM A-arms for Savage installed on HPI Savage

For all everyone looking to shed some unwanted, unsprung weight, RPM has you covered! RPM Savage X A-arms weigh in at less than the stock Savage A-arms due to our low profile designs. The low profile combined with the beveled leading and trailing edges of the RPM Savage X A-arms prevents them from hanging as low as the stock versions and allows the RPM Savage X A-arms to ride up and over obstacles versus slamming into them.

RPM Savage and Savage-X A-arms have been engineered to strict tolerances, eliminating most of the slop typically found in the stock versions, also eliminating the need for shim kits to tighten up the suspension. Furthermore, our A-arms are still silky smooth throughout the entire range of suspension travel and the new RPM Savage X A-arms allow all those critical settings to stay locked in place.

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Dyna Pro Digital Discharger

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Dyna Pro Digital Discharger

Trinity has just released their newest discharger the Dyna Pro Digital (DPD) Discharger. The Dyna Pro Digital dispalyed individual cell and total pack results, discharge time, average voltage, internal resistance, and mAh. The Dyna Pro Digital features superior battery clamping system for positive contact. No power supply needed as the Dyna Pro Digital runs off AA batteries.

DPD Features

  • Discharges and conditions 4 or 6 cellside x side packs.
  • Discharges 4 or 6 cell stick packs with external leads.
  • 30 A Dyna Pulse discharge.
  • 5 A linear discharge.
Dyna Pro Digital LCD Dispaly

Also, the Dyna Pro Digital (DPD) features adjustable: Cut off voltage, Number of cells, 4 or 6 cell internal, 4 to 9 cell external, Pulse or linear discharge, Internal or external charging modes.

Part #: TRI22003
MSRP: $134.99

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Nitrotane fuel from Team Losi

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Nitrotane fuel from Team Losi

Nitrotane premium blended fuel is the first in a line of purpose-blended fuels has been developed specifically to meet the unique and challenging needs of the sport market. Nitrotane brand fuel has been developed by some of the most knowledgeable and successful nitro racers spanning over 4 decades. Nitrotane is not just another fuel from one of the current fuel manufactures but rather a completely new fuel made with the absolute highest grades of methyl alcohol, genuine US made nitromethane, and unique hi-tech lubricants.

With a complete oil formulation laboratory and unmatched testing facilities at their disposal, Team Losi has the unique ability to create a specific lubrication package as well as maintain the highest standards in quality control. Nitrotane 20% Sport uses both castor and synthetic oils as well as exclusive additives to provide performance and protection for all types of engines especially those used in ready to run models. Team Losi goes the extra step in every aspect, as even the container is special. Unlike most fuels, Nitrotane comes in a UN approved steel can to prevent leakage, photosensitive degradation and contamination. This means each tank of fuel will yield consistent and reliable power while burning clean and offering the highest level of protection and performance. Look for genuine Team Losi Nitrotane fuel at hobby shops and racetracks this summer.

Part #: LOSF0020 Nitrotane 20% Sport Fuel – Gallon
MSRP: $33.99

Part #: LOSF0120 Nitrotane 20% Sport Fuel – Quart
MSRP: $11.99

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HPI Savage X reverse module

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HPI Savage X - Reverse module

HPI has released a reverse module with mixer for the Savage X. The Savage X reverse module set comes with a reverse module that plugs directly into the Savage X transmission, a linkage set and a specially designed mixer. The mixer is an electronic device that plugs into your standard 2 channel receiver. To engage reverse, just hold the throttle in the full brake position for 3 seconds. While in the reverse mode you have complete linear throttle control and the transmission will even shift gears while in reverse. To switch back to forward, just hold full brake for 3 seconds. This system is safer than a 3 channel set-up because it prevents drivetrain damage by not allowing reverse to engage while moving forward.

The Reverse Module with Mixer fits the Savage X and can also be used on any Savage truck using a 2 channel receiver. A complete installation manual is included. A standard servo is required for the conversion (not included).

Part #: 87039
MSRP: $88.00

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Team Associated GT2 Factory Team Truck

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Team Associated GT2 Factory Team Truck

The Area 51 designers over at Team Associated have done it again by bringing you the all-new Factory Team GT2. The GT2 is the result of everything that the engineers and drivers at Team Associated have learned over the last thirteen years since racing the original GT. The new Factory Team GT2 comes with many new design features, making for a higher level of performance, better durability, and all in all, a package that is easier to maintain.

Team Associated has included many exciting new features on the Associated GT2, one of them being Team Associated’s new Posi-Lock quick-change rear wheel system. The Posi-Lock quick-change has a five-lug self-aligning design that allows for the fastest possible pit stops without having to worry about lining up the wheel onto a hex or drive pin. The Posi-Lock quick-change system is lightweight for reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass for faster acceleration and a more responsive suspension.

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Serpent 720

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Serpent 720

Serpent is pleased to announce their all-new 200mm race chassis, the Serpent 720. Based on the ultra successful Serpent 710, the new Serpent 720 has been extensively tested on many different track conditions to ensure the best overall performance.

The debut race for the new Serpent 720 will take place on two separate continents on the same weekend, June 16-18. In Europe the Serpent 720 will be seen in action at the EFRA GP in the Netherlands whilst in North America the Serpent 720 will be competing at the US Nationals in Crystal Park Raceway, California.

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Novak HV 6.5 Brushless Motor

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Novak HV Brushless Motor

Based on the industry-standard HV4400 brushless motor, the new Novak HV 6.5 (High Voltage) Brushless Motor (#3426) features two major performance upgrades. The most significant upgrade is the newly-engineered nickel-plated rotor, which is the core of the brushless motor. This new rotor improves motor acceleration, speed and brakes, is more durable, and is more resilient to heat. The second upgrade is the lightweight, aluminum ribbed end bells, which provide additional cooling by acting as a heat sink, efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor. The HV6.5 High-Voltage Brushless Motor is available individually (#3426), as well as in the popular HV High-Voltage Brushless System 6.5 (#3020).

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