Highly collectable die cast models from So Real Concepts

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So Real Concepts a branch off of Pro-line Racing has put together some highly collectable 1:24 die cast models. For their first round of collectable cars So Real Concepts has started with the new Hummer H2 SUT and Hummer H2 SUV models.

So Real Concepts Hummer H2 SUT and SUV models

The Limited Edition H2 replicas feature a unique wheel mounting system, allowing further customization with authentically replicated wheels and tires. This is just one of many features that make SoReal replicas just SO REAL, and that's just the beginning.

The So Real Concepts Hummer feature fully functional doors, as well as the side and rear windows feature custom tint. The fully functional hood, doors, & rear hatch allow you access to all the interior features. Included with your So Real Concepts model is a special tool, a pick, designed to aid in activating many of the functional details of the model without having to touch your model by hand thus reducing finger prints and smudges. The HUMMER SUV and SUT both come with color matched front and rear bumpers, fender flares, mirrors, door handles, and frame rails. High quality polished chrome accents throughout the body and suspension add a custom touch to these So Real Concepts models.Click to continue

OS .18 TZ & TM heat sink head from Racers Edge

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Racers Edge has a Cool New Heat Sink Head for the OS .18 TZ , TM and Tamiya TNX engines. The New Race Designed head is perfect for Nitro R/C Touring Cars, Stadium Trucks and Monster Trucks.

  • Stronger Thicker Heat Sink Fins
  • CNC Machined T6 Hardened Aluminum
  • Lower operating temperature on the OS .18 TZ , TM and Tamiya TNX engines
  • Fits engines with EZ-START System

Racers Edge

Sure Fire .32 from Racers Edge

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Racers Edge .32 engine

Racers Edge has added their own .32 engine to the mix of BIG block engines, the Racers Edge SURE FIRE .32 nitro engine with a turbo modified crankshaft and turbo oneway bearing. Racers Edge claims their engine will produce up to 3.6HP at 38,000 RPM - maybe this is what I need for my MGT!

The Sure Fire .32 engine materials, machining & craftsmanship have been proven by the HPI 4.6 engine. The Sure Fire .32 engine is made in the same factory and has been customized and tweaked to Racers Edge specifications including, porting, displacement, turbo modifications and more, such as the internal oneway bearing allows for easy conversion to our optional roto start or non-pullstart backplates without any modification. Click to continue

Team Losi LST2 – Next Generation of Super Truck

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Team Losi LST2

Team Losi's LST "Super Truck" made a big impact on the monster truck market ultimately being recognized as the R/C Car Action "Truck of the Yea"r. Being a racing/engineering company where development never stops. Now Team Losi has taken what has been learned from hundreds of hours at the track as well as a lot of input from serious bashers to development the new Team Losi LST2.

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Ofna Force 32 – More torque, more power, more speed

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Ofna has just released info on their new Force 32 engine. The Force 32 has a claimed horse power of 3+ HP at 38,000rpm! The Ofna Force 32 will also sport a 6 port sleeve with rear exhaust. The .32 cubic inch (5.2cc) Onfa Force 32 is made of the standard ABC construction with an 8mm composite slide carburetor.

So far the only word about the Ofna Force 32 engine is that it should be released sometime in Jan 2006 as a pull start (part#: 52208)

Ofna Force 32 R/C Engine

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Ofna Racing

Traxxas Tubes Aluminum Turnbuckles

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Traxxas Tubes turnbuckles

Traxxas innovation strikes again with the introduction of Traxxas Tubes aluminum turnbuckle toe links for Revo. Traxxas Tubes are 30% lighter than the stock steel toe links, plus they're 4-times stiffer and more than double the strength of aftermarket titanium! Simply put, these are the strongest toe links you can buy for your Revo. The secret is in the unique patent-pending hollow tube design that maximizes stiffness and resistance to bending, while at the same time reducing weight. Plus, the beefy size tells everyone your Revo means business. Traxxas Tubes are manufactured from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and anodized brilliant fire red. To prevent marring the finish, a metric aluminum wrench is included for adjustment. The broad center nut makes it easy to line up the wrench for fast, trackside tuning. A handy machined groove on one end easily identifies the left hand threads.

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XRAY NT18 – The first mass produced 1/18 Nitro R/C.

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XRAY has done it - they have produced the first 1/18th nitro car and this car looks like a true winner.

  • 1/18th scale
  • 4wd shaft-drive
  • SUPER fast (50+ km/h or 30MPH)
  • 0.5cc nitro engine
  • uses standard model car fuel and electronics!

This car comes with a CNC-machined chassis. A one piece molded radio tray which holds both servos, the receiver and the battery pack. To stop this car XRAY has put on a set of Ferodo brake pads on their laser cut, hand ground steel brake disk which provides strong braking power.

The XRAY NT18 also sports a fully independent front and rear suspension for precise, responsive handling. XRAY has also included an aluminum main driveshaft to provide power to both front and rear gearboxes and to maintain maximum drivetrain efficiency the XRAY NT18 comes with a complete set of 22 high speed ball bearings. To finish up the drivetrain XRAY has placed the gear differentials safely within composite bulkheads.

To help keep the XRAY NT18 on the road, XRAY has made the NT18 with a very low center of gravity for maximum stability. The NT18 is also equipped with a set of coil-over shocks with adjustable positions for maximum tuning. The NT18 also has adjustable body posts along with adjustable downstops and to keep the XRAY NT18 glued to the road they've included a set of pre-mounted foam tires which are at a factory pre-set 12 degree front caster for easy handling.

XRAY also already has a full line of factory option parts already available for the NT18, including front one-way differentials, rubber tires as well as soft, medium, and hard form tires, even graphite parts are available!

The XRAY NT18 comes in two forms - The first being a kit form where only the car, engine and muffler are included (part#: 380200)

Or you can buy the XRAY NT18 in a ATR form where the car, engine, muffler, receiver battery pack, and two servos are included (part#: 380291) - all you have to do is just drop your own radio equipment in and you're ready to rock!

XRAY NT18 - Under the body

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