Serpent 960FD Edition

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Serpent 960FD Edition

To commemorate Fabio Domanins commanding win at this years 1/8th scale European Championships in Sweden, Serpent have released this FD edition of the title winning Serpent 960. The Serpent 960FD is a feature-laden kit that comes complete with harder rear wishbones and front bearing blocks for better impact resistance and a number or optional parts as standard.

Serpent 960 FD Features:

Side plate T2 with alu insert set

Side plate T2 with alu insert set: Featuring a revised carbon plate design, it now works in conjunction with the supplied aluminium insert to eliminate flex in the gearbox shaft. The aluminium insert fits in the space where the original larger 2-speed shaft bearing sits and becomes the mount for the now smaller supplied bearing. This insert is in turn kept in place by the carbon side plate which, as well as performing its primary function, now works to prevent any flex from occurring in the 2-speed shaft too.
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Serpent teflon brake pads

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Serpent teflon brake pads

Serpent has released teflon brake pads for your serpent chassis! Coming in a set of that includes 2 left and 2 right teflon brake pads. The Serpent teflon brake pads are attached to the steel brake plates (#901365) that come with the latest Serpent chassis as standard.

The benefit of these Teflon pads over the original version brake pads is that teflon brake pads provide better and smoother braking power without locking up the brake shaft. This all ensures more consistent braking and allows the racer to be able to brake later and deeper into a corner.

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Trinity NEXT nitro truggy

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Trinity NEXT side chassis

The Trinity NEXT is R/C’s first ready to run 1/16th Nitro Truggy designed on a racing platform for outstanding on or off-road performance. Trinity NEXT’s low center of gravity, wide track and shock tower mounted rear wing provides stability and traction to hook up it’s Drake Platinum Series .095 engine, the biggest displacement engine found in the smaller scale nitro vehicles. Trinity NEXT is designed to out perform all other mini nitro vehicles in the handling, horsepower and tunability.

Trinity NEXT Features:

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An electric savage – HPI E-SAVAGE

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HPI E-Savage

HPI is pleased to announce the release of an electric powered Savage series with the 1/0 scale dual motors powered, the HPI E-Savage. The HPI E-Savage is the perfect introduction to R/C monster truck bashing. The HPI E-Savage is a feathery nine pounds with twin battery packs providing 14.4 volts of power to dual motors allowing wheelies on command! The HPI E-Savage comes with a dual battery charging system for simultaneous battery charging and is versatile for other battery charging applications.
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Proline Hole Shot MTR Tires

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Proline Hole Shot MTR Tire

The Proline Hole Shot MTR was developed after numerous requests for an all-around better handling tire on blue-groove and hard-packed-type tracks. In order to produce the best tire possible under these conditions, a narrower carcass than the MT tire was created along with a small-pin design. The smaller pins are less flexible than the Proline Crime Fighter making it a force to be reckoned with on hard-packed conditions. Additional features such as large inner ribbing reduce tire stretching under acceleration, the outer side pins on the Proline Hole Shot MTR tires are angled for greater corner speed and less rut catching, and inner sidewall ribbing was created to reduce side-to-side flex, thus insuring greater overall tire response and control. When you’re looking for an alternative tire for those hard-packed, blue-groove type surfaces, then check out Pro-Line’s all-new Hole Shot MTR for standard monster truck wheels.

Hole Shot MTR Features:

  • Oversized inner ribs for anti tire ballooning under acceleration
  • Small pin design for use on hard-packed tracks
  • Inner sidewall ribbing for greater corner speed.
  • Made from super-soft M2 material

Part #: 1133-00 - Hole Shot MTR Standard Size Tire
MSRP: $31.00/pr.

HPI Savage X Battery Level Indicator

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HPI Savage X Battery Level Indicator

HPI Racing's battery level indicator will give you instant information as to your HPI Savage X battery status. Once installed, simply turn your receiver battery on and the indicator will show you the power level of your receiver battery. The HPI Savage X battery level indicator should only be used with hump back battery packs. Adding the hump back battery pack (#2012 ) to your Savage X also increases steering performance. Foam Tape 25x60mm(#87022 ) is also recommended to support the battery.

Battery Level Indicator Includes:

  • Battery indicator
  • Battery indicator grommet
  • Cover plate
  • Binder head screw m3x10mm
  • M3 nylon lock nut
  • Instruction for battery indicator

Part #: 308 - Savage X Battery Level Indicator
MSRP: $35.00

Battery Level Indicator Installed

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HPI Baja 5b clear buggy body

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HPI Baja 5B Camo body...

HPI Baja 5B owners, your wait if finally over! Clear body panels for personal customization! Now you can go with camouflage or your signature paint scheme and never worry about who is driving which HPI Baja 5B in action packed moments.

  • Includes front, main and lower body panels.
  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals.
  • A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement.
  • The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations.
  • Molded from strong clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life.
  • Includes front, main and lower body panels.

Part #: 7560 Baja 5B-1 Buggy Clear Body
MSRP: $32.00

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