HPI Mini Recon RTR 1/18th truck

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HPI Mini Recon

The HPI Mini Recon is the perfect 1/18th scale fun package. Made from extremely tough composite material the HPI Mini Recon is nearly indestructible. The HPI Mini Recon features a powerful 370 size motor that accelerates the Mini Recon to incredible top speeds. The Mini Recon comes as a true RTR package with absolutely everything you need to get going, including: HPI TF-40 radio set, 7.2V NiMh battery, charger and even AA batteries for the transmitter!

HPI Mini Recon chassis

HPI Mini Recon Features

  • HPI tf-40 2.4ghz radio set for trouble free control.
  • Heavy-duty 4wd shaft drive system to handle the high torque rm-18 motor power.
  • RSC-18 electronic speed controller
  • RM-18 high torque motor
  • Super smooth ball differentials provide reliable power transfer.
  • Fully independent double wishbone suspension.
  • 4 factory fitted long-stroke oil-filled shock absorbers soak up all terrain.
  • Twin point steering with integrated servo saver.
  • Covered battery for extra protection.
  • Full ball bearings
  • Strong molded composite tub chassis, shock towers and suspension parts make the car nearly indestructible.
  • Pre-glued high grip "micro block" tires on chrome 6 spoke rims.
  • Pre-finished and trimmed bodyshell, fully finished from factory with applied decals.

Mini Recon Specifications

  • WIDTH: 174mm
  • HEIGHT: 108mm
  • TRACK: 145mm
  • WHEELBASE: 160mm
  • TIRES: Micro Block

HPI mini recon frontend

HPI mini recon outdoors

Part #: 105502 - HPI Mini Recon RTR 1/18th truck
MSRP: 179.00

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  • TTMT

    Looks a little too “toy-ish” to me.

  • Straigtedg

    this truck is awesome and takes a beating . my son is 7 and beats the crap out of this truck .i was very shocked to see a mini truck do 25 mph out of a box . and i learned that there is a huge number of parts that can be put in to make it a 45 + mph truck . very cool and fun for the price

  • rc maniac

    i have this truck and its awesome it goes about 40mph and is not toyish

  • megarecon

    just bought this car. I had some problems but all was good and my car runs like a beauty.

  • http://www.rcnitrotalk.com/ Michael

    what kind of issues did you run into at first?