Gasoline powered HPI Savage XL Octane

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HPI Savage XL Octane

It's been rumored now for sometime but it looks like HPI is finally putting this together. The new HPI Savage XL Octane is a 4x4 monster truck raised to a whole new height with it's gasoline powered 15cc engine. Could this be the beginning of the end for "nitro"?

Fans are now treated to a newly updated design of the legendary Savage platform with an awesome gasoline engine that will surprise even the most experienced drivers. The new HPI Savage XL Octane has a host of features that throw the rulebook out and all in a great Ready-To-Run package. This revolutionary new engine will give you more torque along with longer runtimes. Combined with the host of new updated performance parts to the legendary Savage platform, the HPI Savage XL Octane will leave all other competitors in the dust!

HPI Savage XL Octane features

  • 15CC gasoline powered “Octane” engine.
  • Ducted fan design keeps the engine cooler and more efficient.
  • Tuned pipe matches perfect to the “Octane” engine for increased torque and overall power.
  • Composite, triple-disc brake system.
  • XL truck body with scale detail and thick polycarbonate for increased toughness.
  • Extra-strength composite roll cage increases durability.
  • Extra large fuel tank increases the already amazing runtime.
  • Alloy TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis.
  • Full-time shaft drive 4WD system for maximum grip, power and acceleration.
  • Proven 2-stage, oversized, oil-filled shocks.
  • Sealed all-metal differentials with bulletproof bevel gears help tame the massive torque.
  • 2.4GHz radio technology.
  • Tough dual-stage air filter.
  • Heavy-duty cam-type servo saver steering system.
  • All-terrain tires w/ standardized Savage 17mm Hex Hubs.
  • Proven Savage XL 3 Speed transmission.
  • Proven Savage XL suspension uprights.
  • Machined Steel Spur Gear.
  • High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo.
  • Rechargeable receiver pack and charger.
  • Front and rear bumpers help protect against big hits.
  • Extra tough slipper clutch for drivetrain security.

There is no word from HPI yet regarding price or part number but we can assure you as soon as this information is released RCNT will be letting you know in detail as we'll be keeping a close eye on this one for sure!

To be released early Spring 2013!

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  • Chris G

    Could this be the beginning of the end for “nitro”? — absolutely, this truck is revolutionary. It will change the face of RC cars like the RTR T-Maxx did. Nitro is already dead, it just doesn’t realise it yet, because brushless cars are faster and no trouble to use. This petrol powered truck will also be no trouble to use and it will have a long run time. For the run time alone it’s a winner. The 15cc will be a hot little motor with big torque. There will be no issues with speed and the fuel costs are much less.

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  • no

    It will be the end of nitro like the microwave oven was the end of the oven. Its great and all but nitro will live on bang on about brushless all people want but brushless is dangerous until lipos are made 100% safe. I worry alot about lipos in my house im just waiting for the night I wake up surrounded by an orange glow and ear bleeding beeping. I know its unlikly but definitely possible. But the very real issue most of us have is the escs , lipos or servos dying every few runs. Nitro just keeps on going on. I welcome the world of 1/8 petrol tho but will ther be a 1/8 petrol buggy class I doubt it. Nitro screams high revving fast acceleration so nitro will always be the only fuel racing the smaller scales. Even if the big names did cut ther nose and stop making nitro I doubt the smaller companies would. Do I perfer nitro yes but not stupidly fan boy style I like all power sources but nitro WILL NOT DIE.

  • dhotimadhamal

    Is this truck capable like the X or SS bashing and jumping..? is there a reverse module? Can it handle the Big Joe Tires?

  • Michael

    Yes the Savage Octane is a very capable truck. Will easily handle big joe tires and is compatible with a reverse module.

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