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Who makes the best hobby tools?

Discussion in 'RC Tool Talk' started by davetfft, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. davetfft

    davetfft RCNT Basher

    I've had a few allens wear out and a ball end or two snap so I'm wondering if there is a consensus on who makes the best hex tools?

    Any opinions?

  2. Rolex

    Rolex I've fallen and I can't remember Staff Member Veteran

  3. Extreme RC Mods

    Extreme RC Mods RCNT Vendor!

    X2 ^^^^
  4. slowngreen

    slowngreen Adopt, DONT Shop. Staff Member


    .... :hehe:
  5. h8z2luze

    h8z2luze RCNT VIP

    Dynamite doesn't make bad tools.
  6. Lessen

    Lessen Super Awesome! Supporter

    If you want "The Best"... you want Hudy.

    I agree with H8z though.. for the money, Dynamite is top notch. Majority of my r/c tools are Dynamite.
  7. MGT8.0owner

    MGT8.0owner Hardcore RCNT User

    I use the Integy TiNi tools....been using them for over 4 years since i've been in the hobby and have only replaced 3 tips....2 of which were from me reafing on it at an awkward angle
  8. Rolex

    Rolex I've fallen and I can't remember Staff Member Veteran

    All my small hex tools are Dynamite. I haven't damaged one yet, and they get a lot of use.
  9. slowngreen

    slowngreen Adopt, DONT Shop. Staff Member

    I have two sets of Dynamites with rubber handles and fixed tips and one set of alum handles with replaceable tips. I've had great luck with the rubber handled ones, the others are fairly weak.
  10. Arx112est

    Arx112est RC Newbie

    I use Team EDS key's and they're really good :)recomend.
  11. MotoGod

    MotoGod Hardcore RCNT User

    Hudy is the best for sure, but I think EDS is the best value. They perform VERY VERY well....for like 40% of the cost of the Hudy tools!
  12. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    EDS, Hudy, Losi, dynamite. All make great tools.

    I've had all but the first. Losi's hold up for a good long while (their standard TiNi coated handhelds). I've had the same set for 8 or 9 years. The handles look like crap, but they still all have good bite on them.

    I may try losi's 1/4" drive set next. I have OFNA's, but they don't bite well and are warped.
  13. savagefan04

    savagefan04 Hardcore RCNT User Supporter

    i've been using the same Losi set for going on four yrs. they look great and the tips are replaceable if i ever break one. another option is a set of 'T' handles from Lowes. i picked up a set from 1mm to i think 10mm for under 25 bucks. so far they've worked out great for when i need more torque to break a screw loose.
  14. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    The t-handle ones are ok for the short haul and occasional use, but they aren't as hard as the hobby grade tools you can get, so they round off quicker which translates to more stripped screws that shouldn't be stripped.

    Don't get me wrong, like you, I have a few laying around because they are long and let you get into areas you usually can't with the shorter wrenches.
  15. sweetdiesel

    sweetdiesel aka SouRGassssssss Supporter

    Bang for the buck, Dynamite red handles.
  16. Lessen

    Lessen Super Awesome! Supporter

    Yep, I've had three of these for years... 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 mm
  17. tomyknoker

    tomyknoker RCNT Basher

  18. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2011
  19. 7shoals

    7shoals RC Newbie

    Hudy is the best, with the best price, but EXI is the best for value. I can buy ten sets or more for what I pay for Hudy's 1 set. They are precision ground to fit the hex head of standard screws, any time you can hold the screw with the tool it is close tolerances. They have a long shank (which is adjustable) and appear to be made from a type of tool steel. EXI's do have a small handle which can make it hard to tighten down on the larger screws. A 15 piece tool set for $29.00 is well worth the chance.

  20. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

  21. duramax47

    duramax47 RCNT Addict

    I have all craftsmen Their not rc specific but i got all the right size's like 1.0 2.0 2.5 and so on and life time warranty, thats what i use.
  22. theant

    theant RCNT Addict

    I just picked up a set of 4 hex drivers 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 from Golden horizon hobbies for $30 canadian and they are really good. I had a screw that was jammed in the skid plate and it got the screw out no problem, without anything stripping. In my opinion these are worth the money.

  23. MaxxJTmasheR

    MaxxJTmasheR RCNT Qualifier

    dynamite red, for the money, its worth it
  24. TRXaddict

    TRXaddict RCNT Addict

    I use Losi hex tools.. I've had them for 3 years and have not had any dulling or much wear at all really.
  25. hotrod45

    hotrod45 RCNT Rookie


    wiha are excellent tools.

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