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What is a "turbo" glow plug?

Discussion in 'Chassis & Drivetrain' started by Nitroaddict, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Nitroaddict

    Nitroaddict Hardcore RCNT User

    I've seen turbo glow plugs, and turbo engines listed in rc nitro, and was curious as to what that means? I know it doesn't have anything to due with forced air induction such as a real turbo. Can I use a turbo plug in my rossi .12? will i notice any performance gains?
  2. nitro dave

    nitro dave Hardcore RCNT User

    I think it is shaped differently. I believe that they are made to fit turbo heads. I am not sure what gains they give over non-turbo heads. I don't think you can run one in your rossi. I may be wrong, and if I am someone with more knowledge will correct me.
  3. mjime714

    mjime714 Guest

    You cannot use a turbo plug unless you change the button under the head of the engine to one that accomodates a turbo plug. After the threading turbo plugs are tapered where the standard plug ends at the threads.

    The shape the bottom of a turbo plug is like this \_/.
    A normal plug is |_|.

    "The advantages of a turbo plug are less compression leakage around the glow plug and less disruption of the combustion chamber. The hole in the cylinder head that exposes the glow plug to the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder is much smaller, and there are fewer rough edges to create unwanted hot spots."

    The increase is pretty large, but I have seen non turbo engines really move. Turbo engines tend to be harder to tune, and not to mention that they dont hold their tune as well as standard (from what I have noticed).

    My $0.01


    Good thread I was wondering this myself

    Also can you pick up the plate (button) whatever you want to call it to accomidate a turbo plug for any engine
  5. mjime714

    mjime714 Guest

    Not all engines are created equal. Some allow you to change the button and some are built into the head. Higher end engines sometimes have a turbo counterpart, and those are usually interchangable. Sometimes not. If you have an MT12, you could get an MT12 turbo button. If you have an HPI SS, you will not be able to get a turbo button for that. I hear of people who customize engines to accept turbo plugs, but getting a drop in button for a turbo plug depends on your engine.
  6. Akina'sMtx-2

    Akina'sMtx-2 RCNT Talkaholic

    If your engine is not turboed at the beginning, swaping the head to a turbo head so you can use a turbo plug will make nearly no difference to your engine. Turbo engine have a turbo plug to go with the turboed crank. If a standard engine get a head exchange, you won't be able to notice a good gain because the crank shaft isn't really putting the plug in use. Another thing i like about turbo plug is no washer for the plug, so you don't have to worry about how long the plug is.
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