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Very cool scaler body from Parma.

Discussion in 'Scale RC' started by chip cross, May 1, 2009.

  1. chip cross

    chip cross Well-Known Member

  2. slowngreen

    slowngreen Adopt, DONT Shop. Staff Member

    not as cheeeesed out as most of theirs, can tell its a parma though lol but not as bad as most of theirs.
  3. RC Addict

    RC Addict Well-Known Member

    It actually looks good on the Axial. Not so much on the Stampede...
  4. chip cross

    chip cross Well-Known Member

    Agreed, most of the Parma bodies look like a plastic coke bottle vacuumed around a hot turd.
  5. ChucksCity

    ChucksCity Well-Known Member

  6. slowngreen

    slowngreen Adopt, DONT Shop. Staff Member

    f-a-c-t is what it is.
  7. Candyman

    Candyman 'Cuse is in the house! Supporter

    Unfortunately I hate Parma bodies. They seem to omit most any real detail and they are the most boxy, nondescript bodies. That always disappointed me because they were one of the few willing to do muscle car bodies for a long time. But they all looked like crap. Sadly, even the pickups above look just as lame as most Parma work.
  8. Rolex

    Rolex I'm just here for the snacks Staff Member Veteran

    I have to agree. They seem to make all their lids to an "Almost scale".
    They almost look like the car or truck they represent. Maybe it's to keep them just outside the licensing fees.
    If it's not the REAL DEAL, I don't want to waste my time on it.

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