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unwanted guests

Discussion in 'General Chaos' started by SMaxxin, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. HPI-Killer

    HPI-Killer Its 4:20 Somewhere Maaaan Supporter

    Right now my dad has a collection varying from a rosey hair to the colbalt blue vietnamese triantula. He has 3 goliath bird eaters, and yeah their fangs are MASSIVE!
  2. alpinehyperlite

    alpinehyperlite Original RCNT Nutswinger Supporter

  3. Zdragon71

    Zdragon71 Hardcore RCNT User

    I'm not getting within range of any spider big enough to flip my RC when I ran it over!!!!!! That's what I own guns for!
  4. sur3fir3

    sur3fir3 RCNT Addict

  5. godale03

    godale03 Awesomer!! Supporter

    This thread is starting to make me feel a bit woosy! LOL All these creepy spiders! I hate spiders as much as I hate clowns!! Remember those old movies where the wife would put a poisonous spider under the covers and when the husband came home and got in bed the spider bit and killed him!! I am 34 years old and still check my shoes before I put them on... especially my work boots out in the garage!
  6. SMaxxin

    SMaxxin GAME TIME! Staff Member

    One of the places I fish has a lot of cypress trees, on these cypress trees are some BIG brown fury spiders! I don't know what they are called but I have seen some of them get 10+ inches from front to rear, the body gets a few inches but the legs are long. I'll try to take a picture next time I go.
  7. hamz9561

    hamz9561 Proud Short Bus Rider Supporter Veteran

    Tarantulas are pretty cool. The old girlfriend used to feed hers raw hamburger meat.
  8. Greyryder

    Greyryder RCNT Talkaholic

    I'm staying up here, in the north. The winters may suck, but at least the wildlife isn't trying to do me in. :whhooo:
  9. godale03

    godale03 Awesomer!! Supporter

    If i see a spider in the house with 1" fangs or 10" long is the day i start shooting guns in the house! I didnt know there was such a thing as a brown widow!
  10. hamz9561

    hamz9561 Proud Short Bus Rider Supporter Veteran

    Don't come to Texas, then. It seems like we get cockroaches that are bigger than that.....
  11. NCNitro

    NCNitro Fist of Goodness Staff Member

    Killed a black widow that thought she was gonna make a nest in the bottom cabinet of my grill last week. Reached in to turn on the tank and it was about 3 inches from my hand, I sprayed the hell out of it!
  12. godale03

    godale03 Awesomer!! Supporter

    But if I were in Texas, I would be able to shoot guns in the house!!:D
  13. hamz9561

    hamz9561 Proud Short Bus Rider Supporter Veteran

    Those cockroaches are the reason that .22 magnums are so popular here.
  14. godale03

    godale03 Awesomer!! Supporter

    That actually sounds like fun!!
  15. wacmartin

    wacmartin RCNT Addict Supporter

    I found this in my garden today, I think it's a banana spider not 100% sure though what do you guys think. View attachment 11590

    Think is I live I'm southern Ontario, Canada.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012
  16. slowngreen

    slowngreen Adopt, DONT Shop. Staff Member

    Thats crazy looking.
  17. wacmartin

    wacmartin RCNT Addict Supporter

    Yup it is, I googled the banana spider and got a couple of pics that looked like this guy and some that didn't. Anywho I tried to kill him and he got away fast into the bushes. As you can see there was nothing behind him to complete the crunch, got to get him tomorrow before he gets my cats or dog. Last time I ever buy any kind if tropical plants, damn things where expensive too.
  18. Nitro4910

    Nitro4910 RCNT Addict Supporter

    Man you spider haters better never be on the lead airboat going down a trail that hasn't been in a few days, you get a spider/web about every 3 or 4 feet!

    They hit you like machine-gun fire at 40mph!

    Three Lakes is loaded with spiders but is a great place to hunt.

    Stop posting in giant fonts. Instead of editing your posts, I'll delete them. It takes less time.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 8, 2012
  19. Greyryder

    Greyryder RCNT Talkaholic

    I swear, every time I go the mountain bike trails, I end up taking down a bunch of spider webs, with my face. Even happens, when I can still see tracks in the dust, from somebody there before me!
  20. digger

    digger Hardcore RCNT User

    I don't care much for spiders.
    Not sure what kind, wolf spider maybe. http://www.city-data.com/forum/garden/1069871-what-kind-spider-wood-spider-wolf.html Had one in my basement. See them a lot here....

    I'm barefoot, so stepping on it is not an option. I grab a rag to smash it....

    Ever see the animal planet channel shows? Some of the spiders that carry their young on their back?????
    When pulled the rag off of that spider and hundreds of little black specks ran across the floor.....

    I don't scream like a girl much, but I figure I did that time......
  21. Rolex

    Rolex I'm just here for the snacks Staff Member Veteran

    Who the hell was that?
  22. digger

    digger Hardcore RCNT User

    It's me honey....

    Just thought I would stop by and drink a beer with ya.... :D [​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012
  23. Rolex

    Rolex I'm just here for the snacks Staff Member Veteran

    It's good to see you've almost got your indoor plumbing. :hehe:
  24. digger

    digger Hardcore RCNT User

    Plumbing is all good....

    Damn cell phone won't pick up but one place.
  25. Rolex

    Rolex I'm just here for the snacks Staff Member Veteran

    There's a reason I don't live in your neighborhood. :D
    This is your new still?


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