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Traxxas BB Conversion For The REVO!!!

Discussion in 'Traxxas Revo' started by hudler, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. hudler

    hudler RCNT Talkaholic

    Just read about Traxxas new big block conversion kit. Looks and sounds great, was going to put a Sirio or P2 in the Revo using the New Era kit, but this one looks even better. The Traxxas kit gives you everything you need for a "Factory Fit" and "Look". Included is a forward only conversion kit, a header that connects to a standard big block and uses the Revo pipe, a Traxxas 40mm aluminum Flywheel to aid in the bumpstart process(no pull starter since it will not work with the manifold, and Traxxas says the .21 is too long for a proper BB fit with the Pull start) the mounts accept a standard bolt pattern, slide carb, BB with back plate and SG or Traxxas IPS style shaft. Bump Starter required. No mention of any specialized starter box, that would be nice, will work with stock clutch bell/spur combo or optional ones. Price is around $50 and comes with DETAILED instructions. I got this info from the Traxxas site and it look like a very nice kit! Only downside I see is the use of the stock Revo pipe, but I am sure many will put out aftermarket pipes for us to try....can anybody say CMB Raptor Revo....YAAAAHOOOO!!
  2. RevoRacer.27

    RevoRacer.27 RCNT Basher

    whats up my friend how are ya. I would strongly suggest looking into the Sirio 27 for your revo. I got one and it was the single best mod i ever did. And even better they have a combo that comes with the conversion kit and the manifold. The kit is perfect nothing needs to be fabbed everything lines up and goes smoothly. I have it geared 17/40 and I'm flirting with 60 mph and tons of muscle.
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