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TMaxx electric start on Savage 4.6?

Discussion in 'HPI Savage' started by davetfft, May 10, 2011.

  1. davetfft

    davetfft RCNT Basher

    I picked up my first TMaxx on a part lot deal the other day and after assembling the bits I found the easy start they have to be a lot easier to deal with than rotostart. Does anyone know if the 3.3 TMaxx electric start setup will fit on the Savage 4.6 engine? Will the starter rig fit into a Savage chassis?

    Thoughts on this?


  2. beason

    beason Bash, Fix, Repeat..


    the bolt pattern for the pull start is different, the shape of the hex on the crank shaft is different, and the 4.6 is a big block. that little motor probably wont even turn it over. not to mention, it probably wont fit between the TVP's on the savage.

  3. mac55

    mac55 RC Newbie

    east start

    yes it can be done! go to you tube type in rc savage easy start conversion. I did it, l love having the glow egniter and starter all in one. Tou have to shim out the starter the bolt pattern matches up you have extend the fuel tank but it still fits under the body and with a 2500 mah battery it will turn over the motor it was a fun project good luck !
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