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TC3 setup help

Discussion in 'Electric RC' started by studysession, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. studysession

    studysession RCNT Basher

    I currently own an extremly nice electric Team Factory TC3.

    I have trouble controling this car. The acceleration is unbelievable strong and the car is hard to control in the turns. When you turn the car wants to do donuts and not really turn. When I take off with full throttle the wheels spin so hard it fish tails if you can keep it from doing 360's instead of going straight. I am running foams right now. Not rubber tires. I used foams on my nitro TC3 and had better control of the car.

    I am currently running a 26t pinion and 72 tooth spur.

    Cheers. :jet:
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