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Revo Platinum?

Discussion in 'Traxxas Revo' started by Elmerfudd, May 2, 2008.

  1. Elmerfudd

    Elmerfudd RCNT Talkaholic

    Hey guys,

    I just saw an article in a mag about the Revo Platinum. It looks really cool. But is it an upgrade to the Revo or is it a whole new rig?

    Have you guys heard any pros/cons?

    It looks alot like all the other truggys, but it looks alot like the Revo setup with the shocks, ****-eyed motor and rear muffer.

    Has anyone seen one go?
  2. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member

    It's basically a REVO 3.3 with all the upgrades Traxxas makes already installed.
  3. revomaxx24

    revomaxx24 RCNT Talkaholic

    go to traxxas.com and take a look for your slef it a race ready revo
  4. Elmerfudd

    Elmerfudd RCNT Talkaholic

    Yeah I went to the site already, I just wanted real world input.
  5. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member


    * Larger 150cc Revo fuel tank for superior sealing and consistent fuel delivery during long mains
    * Sway bar kit with red-anodized front turnbuckles
    * Hard-anodized, Teflon®-coated GTR shocks
    * Smooth and durable TiN shock shafts
    * Variable damper shock pistons
    * 50WT shock oil, orange front & gold rear shock springs
    * Tight-handling progressive-2 rockers
    * Digital waterproof servos for steering and throttle deliver 125 oz-in & 0.16-sec transit times
    * Titanium-anodized chassis and chassis brace
    * Compact receiver and battery box
    * Integrated personal transponder mount
    * Includes rechargeable high-capacity NiMh receiver battery pack and on/off wiring harness
    * Autoshifting two-speed is simple, reliable, & easy to adjust
    o Two-speed forward only transmission
    o Ultra-compact. Fewer moving parts
    o Low rotating mass for quick, high-revving acceleration
    o Autoshifting two-speed is simple, reliable, and easy to adjust
    o Constant drive engagement is smooth and instantly responsive
    o Sealed case protects gears & 2-speed from damaging track debris
    * Forward-only transmission reduces rotating mass
    * Close ratio two-speed gear set for smooth power delivery
    * High-performance vented front disc brake
    * Dual-disc rear brake kit with adjustable linkage
    * Sealed center differential with 500K weight oil
    * Compact throttle servo mount with air filter support
    * Mirror-polish Resonator® dual-chamber tuned pipe
    * Durable spring-mounted header allows pipe movement to prevent impact damage
    * Ball bearing throttle bellcrank with lightweight return spring
    * Black silicone exhaust coupler and deflector
    * Machined aluminum 40mm flywheel for use w/ starter boxes
    * High-revving TRX 3.3 Racing Engine for proven championship-winning horsepower and speed
    o Bigger piston and sleeve delivers extreme power
    o Consistent and smooth throughout the entire power band
    o Straight-through exhaust flow
    o Slide carburetor
    o Knife-edged connecting rod
    o Large aluminum blue-anodized cooling head
    o Super-light piston and rod
    o High-performance ball bearings
    o Backed by Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan.
    * New high-volume dual-stage air filter
    * IPS crankshaft and backplate for maximized horsepower
    * TUBES red-anodized 7075-T6 front and rear toe-links
    * Red-anodized push rods with steel threaded inserts
    * Extended wheelbase, adjustable rear suspension arms
    * Formula-1 style high-downforce black Revo wing
    * Wing mount offers adjustable height and deflection angle
    * Response Pro tires with performance-tuned foam inserts
    * 3.8" White dish wheel uses innovative 17mm splined hex that is also compatible with standard 17mm hex wheels
    * Aluminum 17mm splined wheel hub and hex nut
    * Includes 17mm molded wheel wrench
    * New steering components allow maximum steering throw
    * Large-bearing nylon axle housings with 13mm outer bearings
    * Steel pivot ball retaining rings
    * Compact black-chrome bumpers
    * Blue-anodized antenna crimp nut
    * Low-profile body posts
    * 50k weight front and 10k weight rear differential oil
    * Clear, trimmed fastback racing body
    * Includes the following tuning options:
    o Tuning shock springs
    o 40WT and 60WT shock oil
    o Thick sway bars
    o 36-Tooth and 40-tooth spur gears
    o 16-Tooth Clutch Bell
    o Y-harness for dual steering servos
  6. GH Racing

    GH Racing Hardcore RCNT User

    Its limited :)
  7. Elmerfudd

    Elmerfudd RCNT Talkaholic

    Limited as in if it does not sell good it is better for the company if it flops and if it does sell out quickly then they go full scale into production? LOL

    Why would anyone by a limited vehicle? How would you keep getting parts for it if it no longer exsists?
  8. SublimeRevo

    SublimeRevo RCNT Champion

    The only real difference between this and the regular revo is the platinum has all the upgrades on it already. You will still be able to get parts for it because all you have to do is order parts for a revo. It's just the platinum edition is limited.
  9. Elmerfudd

    Elmerfudd RCNT Talkaholic

    Gotcha, thanks. :)

    What about how it performs? Has anyone seen one?
  10. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos RCNT Addict

    I just broke her in today( 8 tanks ).The low speed needle orings on the Picco got messed up so I will have to race the Platinum tomarrow.I will let you know how it went down!
  11. sanjay

    sanjay RCNT Basher

    i want the Cassie it longer than a 3.3 compared at the hobby shop
  12. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos RCNT Addict

    Thats because of the adjustable length rear arms.I would say the chassis is identicle other than the color of the anodizing and the Platinum Limited Edtion Logo.

    And yes I performs great at the track.I like my old single servo JR 9100T upgrade and mabey the Proline MTR bowties but other than that its a much better truck.Many improvements.You could not build a better performing Revo for the price you can purchase a Platinum for.Its really a sweet deal IMO.If you don't race and just bash then its not as big a deal but still a better truck.
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