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Race Alert: 2004 ROAR Region 1 Paved 200mm/190mm/Pan Regional Championships

Discussion in 'Track, Bashing and Events' started by raffaelli, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. raffaelli

    raffaelli RCNT Basher

    Just a reminder that the 2004 ROAR Region 1 Paved 200mm/190mm/Pan Regional Championships to be held at R/C Madness on August 7th is fast approaching! There will be open practice on Friday Aug 6th followed by 3 qualifying rounds and the mains on Saturday.

    Please note that rubber tires are required in the electric touring car classes, no hand out tires, and no hand out motors.

    There will be 12 and .12 open classes. Please refer to rule 6-31 for descriptions of each. Basically, 3 port in .12 and 5 ports in .12 open. There has been an issue with the S3 based engines in the .12 class. The exhaust port exceeds the maximum of 4.5 mm. This would be all 3 port S3 based engines illegal in .12 class. However, for this race only, we will deviate from the rule and waive the maximum exhaust port height so that the S3 based engines will be legal in the .12 class.

    The top three in all electric and tope three in all nitro will have the motors/engines torn down and inspected. Any motor/engine found outside the rules will be disqualified. If your up to some funny stuff, plan not to be on the podium.

    You can find out more about the race at http://www.rcmadness.com/340_Events.asp

    Chris Raffaelli
    ROAR Region 1 Director
    914 715 5620 cell
    914 788 9829 fax

    The current ROAR Region 1 ‘What’s Going On?’ Calendar can be found at:

    For more information about ROAR, please visit:

    Download the ROAR membership application here:
  2. RatzoRC

    RatzoRC RCNT VIP

    Can the nitro on road use foams?
  3. 710baby

    710baby RCNT Talkaholic

    Yes I race there as much as I can RCMADNESS runs a great program & the track is very forgiving with the flex boards.
    I see you there Chris
  4. Team 17

    Team 17 Hardcore RCNT User

    Ratzo are u going? I will be if u want to meet up for the ride.
  5. RatzoRC

    RatzoRC RCNT VIP

    I just found out that my wife has to work on the 7th..I'm out!

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