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Nitro car idle problems PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Engines and Motors' started by Nirtobert, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Nirtobert

    Nirtobert RC Newbie

    Hi ya
    Looking for a bit of help if some one can be kind enough to help me i would appreciate it.

    I have a acme team infinaty 18 engine in my cyclone. the problem i have is setting the idle.
    First i have set the carb high speed needle flush to edges then screwed it in 1 and a half turns,
    Then i set the low speed needle flush to edges.
    I then took the air filter out and set the idle screw so the carb cap was approx 1mm.
    I then started the car which started very well but idles quite high and done the fuel line pinch test, the engine cut out straight away so i asumed the low speed needle was too lean so i richened it up a tad and now it revs a little before cutting out.
    Now as far as i am aware the low speed needle is set correctly.

    When running and putting it to idle the car does not stop moving and the revs seem quite high. Altering the idle screw seems to make no difference even with the carb fully closed it still revs high.

    On the odd ocasion when it does idle low enough so the car does not move you can leave it idleing for a few seconds then it will take off on its own and i mean take off without even touching the contol or opening the throttle.

    All advise welcome and appreciated
    Many thanks
  2. Scrogg

    Scrogg Hardcore RCNT User

    It's still lean, richen the LSN more once it warms up. Richen it until the rpm drops. If you have to go way past factory settings, it has a bad air leak somewhere.
    Some engine's LSN stick out past flush, so flush is not always the default setting. Sounds like you have a good grasp on how to tune. Follow your instincts, If it sounds and acts lean, it is lean. If you can't tune it out no matter what you do, the engine/exhaust or fuel system has a leak.
    Once the LSN is properly set, the idle gap may be as small as 1/2 a mm.
  3. Nirtobert

    Nirtobert RC Newbie

    Thanks for your reply, i have richened the lsn a tad more but when i remove the glow starter the engine cuts out, also still with the the glow started connected doing the pinch test the engine revs even higher and takes about 10 seconds to stop, i then leaned it again 1/8 of a turn so i can now remove glow starter and engine runs and doing pinch test the revs go up a tad then the engine stops in about 3 seconds.

    I'm no expert but an air leak was my guess, do you know the places where there could be an airleak to cause this problem and how i can find it.

    Thanks again
  4. Scrogg

    Scrogg Hardcore RCNT User

    Anywhere there is a rubber seal or o-ring.
    Some Infinity engines comes with a metal shielded front bearing, they are worthless and do not seal. you may have to replace it. Check all the obvious stuff first.
  5. try going 2 nitrotek.com they sell the condor there you can ask them about the settings, hope i helped from Alex.:p::)
  6. Scrogg

    Scrogg Hardcore RCNT User

    I don't know what I was thinking.... After rereading Nitrobert's last post it sounds like it is fine. That is how it should run and tune. Must of been beer involved.....Old thread but I wanted to clarify that.

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