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New Slap Ma Fro! Bashing Video --> Cold 2

Discussion in 'Videos and Pictures' started by doesgo, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. doesgo

    doesgo RCNT Basher


    It wasn't nearly as cold as the last time we make a video with the same title, but it was cold enough, and the snow sure made it hard to bash properly and keep our vehicles running. We still had a good time though!


    Cold 2 (WMV, 19.7mb, 5:20)
  2. jon2

    jon2 Nitro ASSpired!!! Supporter

    Love that vid! Little RC18T is a work horse!
  3. Lessen

    Lessen Super Awesome! Supporter

    I think that's definately one of the better bash vids I've seen... that little rc18 getting stuck ass up is hilarous!
  4. AC48

    AC48 Hardcore RCNT User

    Awesome vid, that RC18T just keeps coming back for more lol.

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