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New Revo aluminum hollow turnbuckle directions incorrect

Discussion in 'Traxxas Revo' started by Revo Rancher, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Revo Rancher

    Revo Rancher Hardcore RCNT User

    For anyone that has bought the new aluminum hollow turnbuckles for the Revo, there is a slight mistake in the directions.

    The directions state to make them the size of the picture template or 6 inches. This ends up being too short. After I made up one of the rear ones, I installed it and noticed the rear tire was sitting with about 2 degrees of toe out. I then took it off again and matched the length to the turnbuckle I took off that corner. Had to make the turnbuckle longer by about 3/16's.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2005
  2. Sandho

    Sandho RCNT Racer

    They have directions with em??? :confused:

    I just changed mine out one at a time and made em the same length using a dial caliper :cheers:
  3. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 RCNT VIP

    They came with directions??? LOL
  4. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member

    I have a set and just plan on matching the ones I take off when I get around to installing them.

    Directions are overrated.
  5. Revo Rancher

    Revo Rancher Hardcore RCNT User

    OK, funny guys. So I actually followed directions for once. And they let me down. I actually considered not following them and just measuring them to the old ones to begin with, but I had to read them to find out that there are different ends for them for front and rear.

    Anyhow, considered those that DO read the directions, they are wrong.
  6. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 RCNT VIP

    Actually I installed my rear rods with the toe-link seated which seemed like about 4-5 degrees of to-out. I did it just to make sure they came out even when I set my toe-in on the rear.
  7. Revo Rancher

    Revo Rancher Hardcore RCNT User

    Yeah, Jet, I was tempted to throw it on the board for some measurements, but once I figured out the instructions were only useful for identifying the fronts from the rears, I got lazy and took the easy way out by using each corner's turnbuckle to get a starting length. I've actully toed out the rear about .5 degree since, but left the fronts where they are.

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