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New 1/18 Mini Mauler Monster Truck

Discussion in 'Mini & Micro RC' started by HumboldtBlazer, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. HumboldtBlazer

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    "The HobbyZone® Mini Mauler? takes all the excitement of monster truck madness right out of the arena and puts it in the palm of your hand. It comes completely assembled and ready to drive with a sharp-looking, painted body decked out with factory decal"


    1/20-scale, ready-to-run monster truck that is fun for anyone
    Chrome-plated wheels, steps and light bar.

    Factory-painted and decaled truck in three crushing colors (red/yellow, black/yellow, and blue/yellow)

    The Mini Mauler is a Zone 1 truck - no experience necessary and out-of-the-box success your very first time.

    All-in-one ESC/receiver unit that provides fully-proportional steering and throttle response, including brake and reverse features.

    A powerful steering servo that comes with replaceable gears for easy maintenance.

    Includes one orange HobbyZone jump ramp
    2-channel proportional transmitter with trim adjustments for easy steering and throttle management, even if you've never driven an RC vehicle before
    12 AA batteries – 8 heavy-duty for the transmitter and 4 alkaline for the truck
    Fully-supported spare parts.
    Upgrade motor (optional) - HBZ3068 - allows for faster speed and more exciting runs.
    Ball bearing set (optional) -HBZ3049 - reduces friction and increases performance, speed and run time
    DC peak charger (optional) - HBZ1026 - quickly charges hop-up batteries to allow you to get back in the dirt - fast
    Upgrade batteries (optional) - 4-cell Ni-MH (HBZ1010) and 5-cell Ni-MH - (HBZ1011) - rechargeable and cost-effective, and provide higher performance
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