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NEW 1/10th setup

Discussion in 'Electric RC' started by Freddybnj_2004, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Freddybnj_2004

    Freddybnj_2004 RCNT Basher

    Hi.. I am looking to setup a new Electric 1/10th.. I've decided on the following ..
    TA TC3 Factory Team Kit, Trinity 6-Cell VIS 3300 Race Matched,Novak Super Sport Brushless System W/ESC,JR Racing S3000 Reciever.
    What would the best tire combo be for both carpet and pavement? THanks.
  2. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    After going to the races this weekend, the hot setup was Jaco tires. Foams. The shores were in the 40's but they also cut them wayyyyyy down so not as to have any sidewalls. Hot setup.

    I like the Elligi foams too.

    As for BOTH carpet AND parking lot, I dont think you will find a setup that makes you happy.

    Go to the indoor carpet track you are planning to run at and find out what is working best there. Thats the BEST way to find out which ones you want.

    Congrats on the ride! As it stands I'm debating between the team TC3 and the XXX-S graphite setup by Losi. Not certain which way I'm going to go. But I am positive of one thing, I am not going to miss out on driving R.C.'s this coming winter!!!
  3. savagesquirrel

    savagesquirrel RCNT Champion

    jacos are good if u go purple and purple oarnge
    i use that and HPI pro foams 33rs
    my car is planted with them
    get an xray evo 2 best car out their i got one and its so fast omg its almost unbeleivable faster than a lot of shaft cars I've seen
    you can do better than trinity batteries
  4. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    Does anyone know where those online Jacos were for around 10$ a pair?

    Someone posted a link a long time back.
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