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Losi S h o c k s

Discussion in 'Stadium Trucks' started by Mayhem, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Mayhem

    Mayhem Hardcore RCNT User

    When I try to tightin the bottom part of the shock on the brick the ball thing just spins. I'm using rusty screws should I get smaller screws or what?
  2. FastEddy

    FastEddy The Slowest Guy In Town

    Check to see if the screw fits through the "ball thing" If not get a smaller screw and use a nilock on the end.
  3. SilentHunterKellen

    SilentHunterKellen Hardcore RCNT User

    The ball thing isnt connected to the screw. If it doenst spin, it should atleast be getting tighter(the screw)if not, then its probably already tight enough. P.S how do those shocks work? Any good?

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